Steve McNair’s Death: A Wakeup Call

July 06, 2009 |

After taking a looooooooong hiatus- I decided to get back in the saddle (Hopefully the horse won’t mind having a 240 lb man on it’s back……) and throw a thought or 2 out about the death of Steve McNair.
The death of Steve McNair is a tragedy. I don’t think there was any doubt that he was a warrior on the field (174 Passing TD’s, 37 Rushing TD’s), a great teammate, and a community leader. Who can forget that unforgettable smile that McNair had? It lit up a room…it lit up a community….it lit up the NFL…
Does anyone remember that he was also drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 35th Round in the 1991 draft? He was a heck of a player–but unfortunatley– the “playa” in him is what cost him his life. (I can’t wait to hear what his wife Mechelle has to say. I have one question: Were you in the process of getting divorced? If “yes”- then I will apologize to everyone cursing at me right now– if “no”– then I stand by what I say.)
Not since the release of “Fatal Attraction” have we seen this kind of buzz around town. How many athletes do you think called their wife today to say “baby– I love you. You know I would never do a thing like that.” Then- when that call ends- the athlete calls up their mistress and says “baby- I can’t see you again- this Steve McNair thing really has shaken me up. It’s been fun baby- but I don’t want my wife to be suspicious…..”
The death of Steve McNair has done one huge thing– make athletes think with their head above their shoulders- not with their head below their waist. Nobody is perfect (I sure as hell have made my mistakes- I admit it). Athetes are targets. Chipper Jones impregnanted a woman when he was married. Dr. J did it also. The list is as long as the Great Wall of China. Do the rookie symposiums really work? I’m not sure. I have heard that 1 in 3 pro athletes have more than one lover. That’s a .333 average- which will get you into the Hall of Fame- or the Hall of Shame (depending on how you look at it). I hope the death of Steve McNair will put a little “wake up call” into athletes lives. If a woman approaches you in a bar (that you’re not supposed to be in) and you have a family- Punt- or you might get an un-husband like penalty that will cost you more than 15 yds…..