“STEWPID” …. Comes To The World Of Twitter

October 07, 2009 |

At 42 years old, I realize I’m starting to turn the pages on the subsequent chapters of my life. I’m nowhere near cashing in on my AARP privileges, but I’m starting to develop some tendencies that would indicate my tolerance for childish jocularity is waning …..

It’s not that I’m opposed to GOOD juvenile humor – I’ve got “Dumb & Dumber,” “The Waterboy” and “Old School” on my list of ALL-TIME CLASSICS. And, on a good night, I’ll leave a flaming bag of dog-poo on the neighbor’s step, without thinking twice.

I’m good with practical jokes and being umm ….. a smartass.

But, I do think there is a time and place.

To that extent, I’m not so sure our modern-day venues of communication – the instantaneous thoroughfares of public baring – are the places for ignorant or self-deprecating humor, especially if you’re not acting !!!!

Look at the way we communicate with each other on a daily basis. Then, look back at how we did it just five short years ago …..

Very few people sent TEXT MESSAGES …..

FACEBOOK FRIENDS – or enemies – did not exist …..

TWITTER was nothing more than a nerd’s dream …..

Today, most of us are heavily invested in one or more of these forms of communication. They’ve become our social means of collaborating with others.

The texting remains a simple means of messaging. However, Facebook and Twitter offer us the ability to devote some personality and character into a publicly shared setting. And, as with many things in life, some of us make potentially poor decisions in such excursions.

It’s funny when Jim Carrey makes a fool of himself in a movie. It’s also funny when Chris Rock stands in front of thousands and playfully dissects race. And, there is even a sadly funny tone to Dave Letterman’s confession of sex with co-workers – while poking fun of himself for being so selfish.

But, these episodes of laughter have some common traits – the actors are just that ….. ACTORS. It’s a public persona, of sorts. And, each actor is paid for their efforts. Even in Letterman’s case, he’s getting paid as he lays it out there.

Heck, they’re making more money than most of us can fathom.

Yet, the very public displays of humor, character or simply “screwing around” on Twitter and Facebook are much different. In fact, I think some people will ultimately damage their future reputations by what they’re currently doing or writing, on a daily basis.

And, they’re not even being paid for it.

Of course, I’m talking about pro athletes.

Yesterday, I read a pretty interesting article on the Baltimore Sun’s website. It regarded some Twitter posts by Bengals’ receiver, Chad Ochocinco (Johnson), and the Ravens’ Fabian Washington.

You Gotta Love This Guy – He’s Different !!!!

First, let me say I understand Twitter and its informal, lighthearted structure. I also realize an author has a limited amount of letters/numerals to work with …..

That said, upon reading Ochocinco’s and Washington’s “TWEETS,” I was left scratching my head. I wasn’t offended or disappointed, in any possible way. That would be ridiculously hypocritical, based on some of the things I’ve done.

However, I do look at both guys as being pretty juvenile for no purpose other than BEING PRETTY JUVENILE.

Does This Guy Really Crave Attention, Or Is He Misunderstood ???

The following conversation, between Ochocinco and Washington has been copied directly from the Sun’s article – they copied it directly from Twitter …..

Chad Ochocinco (OGOchoCinco) to Fabian Washington (FABEWASH31) at about 10:30 p.m. Monday night: “bruh you in trouble Sunday, you gone kiss da baby, this ain’t a threat it’s a promise. I’m shutting the front door on you!!!!!”

Ochocinco to Domonique Foxworth (Foxworth24): “cmon son, how you cover me with a last name like fox<—you ain’t Vivica son! It’s on Sunday,I’m not being cocky, i’m that good!”

Washington to Ochocinco: “trust me home boy it’s going down. Believe dat”

Ochocinco to Washington: “don’t do that, don’t talk back son, know yo competition son, this ain’t madden, you really hit to see me”

Ochocinco to Washington: “tell Vivica Foxworth he better just sit this game out!!!”

Washington to Ochocinco: “this water running up hill. Str8 pressure”

Ochocinco to Washington: “huh!!! Shut the front door!! You betta pray you got help every down, watch the clevland film, 2 man every down<—WTF!!!”

Washington to Ochocinco: “really if u watched the film u can c I had no help. But good night it’s past my bed time”

I don’t really care what Chad Ochocinco or Fabian Washington do with their time. And, I really don’t care if they damage or destroy their respective images. For the record, I don’t think the above “Tweets” are damaging to respective images, at all.

How Can You Possibly Damage This Image …..

But, I do wonder what inspires a grown man to write and act like a teenager.

I have a 13 year old daughter – the Ochocinco/Washington conversation honestly looks like something that would occur between some of her peers. And, that would be perfectly understandable. They’re kids.

If I’m acting like a prude, so be it. But, I don’t see the likes of Donovan McNabb, Wes Welker, Philip Rivers, Patrick Willis or Joe Flacco posting public messages that obliterate the English language.

And, yeah, they’re just a handful of guys who came to mind.

If the Ochocinco/Washington exchange was a private conversation, nobody would know about it. But, they posted their scripture of silliness for the world to see.

I’m certain this happens every day – between much more relevant personalities. But, it still doesn’t excuse their recklessness.

It’s a simple set of standards, and we all know the risks …..

You can go to a Fells Point bar, drink a few gallons of beer and act like a complete jackass, while walking a few blocks of Broadway. When it’s over, it’s likely over.

But, you can also logon to Twitter, while totally sober, and type some ill-advised messages. Once you hit “enter” it can be viewed by the suits in a Manhattan tower, as well as a few sherpas, taking a break at their base camp, in the Himalayas.

There is no taking it back …..

Look, I made “sum priddy stewpid mistakes wen I wuz 20sumtin 2 – but da world didn’t c it” ….. you know what I mean?

Unfortunately, Chad Ochocinco and Fabian Washington won’t have such a luxury. Perhaps, this is the price paid for celebrity.

This Guy Is A Celebrity …..

Better yet, it’s just the potential price paid for acting like a teenager on the internet.

The world is always watching …..

And, while I’m at it, please remember to follow WNST on Twitter. In fact, this blog will make it’s way there !!!!

Finally, I just want to take an opportunity to offer some hospitality, this weekend. The Cincinnati Bengals will be in town. If Chad is looking for something to do, he’s warmly welcome and invited to our home for dinner, on Saturday night. He can hangout with my daughter and her friends – they can TWITTER, TEXT AND FACEBOOK …. and play video games.

Note to Chad – just bring some popcorn !!!!

Oh, that’s right, wrong guy ……

The invitation is still open. We’d love to have you, Chad !!!!