Stop Whining Orioles Fans

November 07, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     I am tired of hearing Orioles fans calling up Drew and Nestor whining and crying about the Yankees “buying” a World Series.  God bless them and congrats, they deserve it.  That is the way baseball is set up.  You can thank the Player’s Union and people like Peter Angolos for this.

     For those of you who remember, this situation could have been solved in 1994.  1994 was the year of the players strike.  This was the strike that ended the 1994 season, preventing postseason play.  The owners wanted a salary cap.  The greedy union did not.  Most people in Baltimore sided with the players.  I sided with the owners.  If you remember Peter Angelos was hailed a hero here because the turn coat sided with the player’s union.

     The general feeling in Baltimore was that the  players weren’t at fault because the owners  were greedy.  And since Peter Angelos was for the Player’s Union, he was a good guy too.  So some how no one affiliated with the precious Orioles were to blame for the 1994 baseball strike.  This was at least the perception from most Baltimore baseball fans.  So the players won, Peter Angelos won.  No salary cap was put in place.

     This is why there are haves and have nots in MLB.  The Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers are the haves.  The Orioles, Nats, and Pirates (among others) are the have nots.  If there was a salary cap like the NFL, everyone would be on a level playing field.  Do you really believe the Saints, Vikings, Ravens, and Packers would have a snow ball’s chance if it weren’t for the salary cap?  Of course not!

     The salary cap in the NFL has giving “small” market teams the ability to compete.  So stop crying and whining Baltimore.  15 years ago you loved Peter Angelos and the Player’s Union for defeating those terribal baseball owners.  Today you must live with the consequences.  The Yankees, and Redsox will continue to dominate until there is a salary cap.  And until those GREETY players allow this to happen, nothing will change.