Stunner in Queens

August 23, 2009 |

Sunday was a great day of baseball.  I put my son down for his nap and flopped on the sofa to check out the afternoon games.  The Orioles were leading the White Sox in the 6th, the Cubbies were playing an afternoon game in Chavez Ravine, and the Little League World Series was on ESPN.

As I flipped around the channels I came upon the Phillies and Mets.  The Mets were down 9-7 in the bottom of the 9th with runners on 1st and 2nd and no outs.  It looked as if the Phillies consistently disappointing Brad Lidge was on the verge of another late inning collapse.  In one pitch the rally and the game were both over.  Mets RF Jeff Francoeur lined a shot up the middle which was speared by Phillies 2B Eric Bruntlett.  The runners were going on the pitch and Bruntlett simply stepped on 2nd base for the second out and tagged Daniel Murphy running from 1st for the third out.  The play marked just the second time in ML history that a game ended on an unassisted triple play.  It was a remarkable ending and the Citi Field crowd was stunned.

Speaking of stunned, have you checked out the Mets lineup recently?  I know they’ve been hammered by injuries to stars like David Wright, Jose Reyes, Delgado and Beltran.  On Sunday they basically started a AAA lineup.  GM Omar Minaya has been given a vote of confidence and in turn has said that Manager Jerry Manuel is his guy.  After looking at this lineup the thought that either Minaya or Manuel were in danger of losing their jobs is laughable.

Check out the Mets ridiculous Sunday lineup –