Suggs, Mora Jr.,Roberts and other thoughts

January 12, 2008 |

          The whole situation with Terrell Suggs is much to do about nothing. While sitting in with Rob Long and Ken Zalis yesterday during Rob’s show, the guy who interviewed T-Sizzle called in and played the audio of the interview. It was the vaguest thing you could imagine Sizzle saying. Suggs is not dumb, what do you think he is going to do, go on camera and say “What a horse*&^% town this is. I would rather play for the St Louis Rams than the Cardinals, the weather sucks and the women are not that good looking.” I mean really people, he said nothing, plus in the grand scheme of things in my opinion barring a “change of gut”, Suggs is going to be franchised.
          I think the NFL head coaching carousel could get another entry today as there is a lot of speculation that Mike Holmgreen may be ready to walk away from the Seahawks, or they could be ready to walk away from him. Factor that in with the openings in Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Baltimore, and possible Indianapolis, and that could limit the amount of candidates out there for a head coach.
          I am just throwing this out there, I have this based on nothing, but would you interview Jim Mora Jr., who is currently with the Seahawks? Of the teams that are in the playoffs, I think he could be a possible candidate.
          While I am not a big boxing fan, you have to watch this knockout that happened the other night.
          I wonder if anyone will say the trip that Tony Romo took with Jessica Simpson was a good thing when the Cowboys beat the Giants? I really can’t imagine that going to a beach with Jessica Simpson is a bad thing win or lose.
          Got the greatest video game of all time yesterday ROCKBAND. It is without the best video game out there to play, besides Madden 08.
          GO COWBOYS……….with each win that increases my chances of running into her at the Super Bowl.
          As far as the playoffs go this weekend: Cowboys (by 10) Patriots (by 17),Colts(by 14), Packers (by 6)
          And finally your Brian Roberts update. As I wrote on 1/9/08 at 9:26 a.m., Brian Roberts is still an Orioles, so nothing has changed. Guess maybe the Cubs had a gut feeling on not making the trade after all.