Sunday night ‘Flight of Ideas’…

April 28, 2008 |

  • Checked out The Baltimore Orioles web site and found some interesting data. The Orioles are first in the American League in steals. Learned about a new stat (for me anyway) called Defensive Efficiency Ratio, or DER, which the Orioles also lead the AL. Basically, it means that the Orioles are the most capable team of getting a batter out if he hits a ball that is play. They will need to stay #1 in the DER category, along with minimizing walks and errors, if they want to continue their winning ways.
  • It’s amazing that Nick Markakis is hitting the way he is with little protection in the lineup. How good would he be with a big threat hitting behind him? Is Barry Bonds still looking for work? (Kidding folks…)
  • Have read and heard enough commentary about the NFL draft to be surprised that I haven’t heard anyone mention that Joe Flacco went to the same college of four time pro bowler Rich Gannon.
  • Anyone out there check out the MISL championship Saturday night on FSC? It would have made for a fun drinking game to count how many times the play by play announcer said “Lookingland.”. The on-field interviewer was starting to get worn out with all of the post game interviews he had to conduct, based on the priceless look on his face after his interview with Sagu. 
  • Lots of rumors floating around regarding the status of the MISL for next season. I’m sure the many fans in Baltimore and other MISL cities hope the league is around for another 25 years.   
  • Haven’t been live to see pro wrestling in years. Always a good time. Anyone out there lucky enough to score tickets for WWE Backlash tonight? Or maybe watch on PPV?
  • Is there anyone out there that can tell me how long it typically takes to determine the cause of a fire? There is still no word on the cause of the OC boardwalk fire that destroyed boardwalk landmarks Dough Roller, and Dayton’s Chicken almost a month ago.