Sunday Nightcap

October 01, 2007 | Thyrl Nelson

Monday should be an unforgettable day in Baltimore talk radio. Tomorrow you will probably hear intelligent fans calling and making comments that would have gotten them laughed off the air just 2 months ago. Among them: “Maybe it’s time to hand over the reigns to Boller” & “How long until we get Samari Rolle back? We’re really going to need him.”
Indeed after Sunday’s debacle, both are arguable if not valid points. Here are a few more:
  • Steve McNair has thrown the ball 114 times this season and has just 2 TDs to show for it.
  • Willis McGahee is averaging nearly 100 yards per game and over 4 yards per carry, yet no rushing TDs, and he is getting only 16.5 carries per game.
  • If not for 2 missed field goals and a blown review opportunity, the Ravens could have found themselves right in another game, even though they were clearly being outplayed. They have also left the door opens in 2 wins in which they were clearly outplaying their opponents.
  • At this point the Ravens would have been better off if J.O. had retired and they had prepared to be without him from the beginning of camp.
  • The Ravens have scored 6 offensive TDs this season, the Browns and Bengals had 6 each in their week 2 shootout. Plaxico Burress has caught 6 TDs so far and has been on the injury report every week.
  • Kyle Boller’s 84.4 passer rating was 19th in the NFL going into today, and ahead of Jay Cutler, Vince Young, Steve McNair, Marc Bulger, Jason Campbell, Matt Leinart & Drew Brees.
  • 17 quarterbacks have as many or more TD passes as McNair and Boller combined, including Josh McCown, Trent Green, and Chad Pennington.
  • Every team to ever finish in 3rd place in the AFC North went on to win the division the following year. The Steelers finished in 3rd last year.
  • Kellen Winslow is the first very good tight end the Ravens have faced this year, and he made the loss of Adalius Thomas evident. Chris Baker scored a TD and dropped another in week 2. With Winslow again, the Steelers twice, Antonio Gates, Ben Watson, Dallas Clark, Randy McMichael, and possibly Vernon Davis on the remaining schedule, this is a situation worth keeping an eye on.
  • Are we ready to admit that when it comes to secondary coverages, the average fan has no idea who’s responsibility is where, and maybe we should all give Samari Rolle a little break, if not a big apology?
  • Bart Scott missed out on a big chance to change the game when he dropped that INT.
  • The first place schedule amounts to a difference of 2 games, we play the exact same schedule as Cincinnati and the nearly the same as Cleveland and Pittsburgh with only the home and road games flipped, except for 2 games. Those 2 games: Baltimore is @ SD in week 12 and home vs. IND in week 14, Pittsburgh is @ DEN in week 7, and home vs. HOU in week 12, Cincinnati is @KC in week 6, and at home vs. TEN in week 12 & Cleveland is @ OAK in week 3, which they lost, and home vs. TEN in week 12. Given the overall strength of the AFC South and the consistently good home play of KC and Denver, I don’t see a big disadvantage here.
  • It is possible to win your division without winning a single division game.
  • Pittsburgh is home vs. SEA, @ DEN & @ CIN before hosting the Ravens in week 9, the division could look very different by then.
  • Cincinnati plays NE, @KC, NYJ, PIT, & @ BUF before coming to Baltimore in week 10, the division could look very different by then.
  • Baltimore plays @SF, STL, & @BUF before those showdowns with Pittsburgh and Cincy, they had better get their act together by then.
  • The Ravens offense is 1st in the NFL in Time of Possession, 10th in total yards, 12th in total points & 5th in passing yards.
  • The Ravens have lost 6 fumbles in 4 games compared to 9 in all of 2006.
  •  There are lots of winnable games remaining on the Ravens schedule and are only a game behind the Steelers who looked very human today too. They are still very much in control of their own destiny.
  • The Browns played a nearly perfect game today and deserved to win. That was their Superbowl.
  • There are 2 undefeated teams left in the AFC and the Ravens host one in week 13 & the other in week 14. Too bad they play each other in week 9.
  • The combined record of the Ravens remaining opponents is 23-23 including St. Louis and Miami at 0-4 and Buffalo and San Diego at 0-3.
Get well soon Samari.