Sunday: Ravens vs. Chiefs – 10 points you can count on

September 13, 2009 | Drew Forrester

1.  Ravens in a romp.  I don’t think I’ve heard one person, anywhere, give the Chiefs a half-a-chance.  I had folks on the show this week FROM Kansas City and they all said the same thing, basically.  “Gonna be an ass whuppin’…” – Drew calls it: Baltimore 33 – Kansas City 10.  And the only reason I’m giving them 10 is because I like their helmets.

2.  Todd Heap will score a touchdown.  Last year in the opener vs. Cincy, he dropped a couple of passes and had an otherwise listless afternoon and the phone lines blew up the next morning with folks wanting him cut.  That won’t happen tomorrow morning.  Heap gets in the end zone today and all is well with the world.

3.  Steve Hauschka will go 3-for-3, including a 47 yarder.  The other two will be within 35 yards…chip shots.  He keeps his job for another week, at least.

4.  Your heart will beat a lot faster when those jets fly over the stadium.  Almost every guy in the place will secretly say to himself, “Damn, I’d give anything to fly one of those things just once…”

5.  Troy Smith will play the 4th quarter and engineer a TD drive to finalize the scoring.  His radio show on Monday night will include a bunch of people saying, “you should be the starter” and Smith will reply, “tell that to the coach…”

6.  Frank Walker will get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  Only one, though.  Hey, baby steps…

7.  Kansas City will score first, going up 3-0.  That might be their last lead until week #5. 

8.  Rushing yards:  Ray Rice 72, Willis McGahee 51, Le’Ron McClain 13.  And just for s**ts and giggles:  Larry Johnson gets 59 on the ground.  Chiefs rushing total:  81

9.  After the game, following his team’s 33-10 win in which the Ravens outgain the Chiefs 367 to 219 yards, John Harbaugh will start his press conference by pointing in the general direction of the KC locker room and say, “That’s a damn good football team we just beat today.”

10.  Ian Eagle is the play-by-play voice for the CBS broadcast on Sunday.  Last year when the Ravens hosted Oakland, Eagle called the game and uttered one of the most memorable phrases of 2008.  The blimp showed a shot of empty Camden Yards and Eagle said ON THE AIR, “There’s Camden Yards.  It’s empty now.  They don’t play baseball here in October anymore.  Not a low blow, just a fact.”  Sunday, they’re once again going to show an empty baseball stadium during the broadcast and Eagle’s going to say, “A familiar scene at the baseball stadium these days in Baltimore.  No one’s in the place.  Not a low blow, just a fact.”