Sundays Will Never Be The Same …..

September 12, 2009 |

The Baltimore Ravens are less than 24 hours away from delivering the 2009 NFL Season to a hungering city. That’s right, we’re starved and desperate for a good sports product; coupled with some dignity and respect on the national stage.

After nearly six months of the “same old thing” at Fenway/Yankee Stadium (South), I think this city has earned it. And, I think we’re gonna get it.

I hope a very special season awaits us.

Trust me, WNST is doing its part. From the daily shows TO on-scene reporting TO the Neighborhood Tour TO the Purple Haze Post Games, we’re steadily on the trail of everything Ravens-Related.

And, we have the pre-game angle covered, too !!!!

Beginning tomorrow, WNST provides the earliest gameday coverage, in Baltimore. That’s right, you can forget the collection of informercials along the early-morning dial.

At 9am, tune into WNST/1570am ( for the ALL NEW Sunday Morning Blitz, presented by Enoch Office Equipment. Throughout the 2009 season, we’re providing the freshest pre-game coverage, until noon, each Sunday.

A real special THANK YOU to Joe Enoch for making this possible.

Trust me, we’re not taking this opportunity lightly. It’s not a few hours of chatting it up. Far from it. We know you want excitement. We know you want expert analysis. And, we know you want the truth.

We’ll give it to you.

The show kicks off with our “Trip Around The NFL,” as we breakdown respective matchups, week in and week out. We’re covering the AFC-North, and games beyond.

At 940am, we’ll talk with former Ravens Head Coach, Brian Billick. Each week, we’ll discuss a technical aspect of the game. Of course, these technical aspects will be geared toward the indigenous factors in the hometeam’s respective matchup.

The conversation with Brian Billick is presented by our good friends at People’s Home Equity. A special thanks to Matt Krimm and his staff for their support and partnership. This is gonna be a great segment.

At 10:05, we’ll kickoff the Ravens Talk !!!! That’s right, we’re emphasizing on everything regarding the Baltimore Ravens. Wanna chime in ??? This is your chance, at (410) 481-1570 ……

Be assured, the Ravens talk will get pretty personal. In fact, at 10:45am, we’re carrying the message to the masses outside M&T Bank Stadium, for the “Enoch Office Equipment – Tailgating Report.” If you’re tailgating and want us to visit, simply give us a call at (410) 481-1570.

At 11:05, we’re stepping into unfriendly territory ….. it’s “Behind Enemy Lines,” presented by Scores-Baltimore. Thanks to Sean and Andrew at Scores. Scores is the postgame party location, in Baltimore.

This portion of the show joins us with a media member in the opponents town. That’s right, we’re getting an up-close look at the ENEMY, on gameday. Tomorrow, we’re joined by Doug Tucker, of the Associated Press.

Doug covers the Kansas City Chiefs and he’s gonna deliver his assessment on the new-look Chiefs, tomorrow morning.

At 11:25, our producer, Josh Hall, gets his shot at FAME. Each week, at this time, Josh will handicap 5 NFL matchups. And, each week, he’ll pick against a guest. Tune in tomorrow to see who Josh challenges.

And, of course, we’re putting a spin on this segment. If Josh performs notably, his competition will get stronger. If he’s undefeated by Week #8, we’ll try to enlist a foe at the White House. Hey, he’s a sports fan.

However, if Josh struggles, he could be picking against Jason Jubb’s infant son, Ryan, or my Bichon, Snowflake. It could get interesting.

At 1140, we’ll be joined by Glenn Clark – OUR MAN ON THE SCENE. Glenn will provide us with the updated “Injury Report,” as it circulates 90 minutes before gametime. Glenn will also give us the latest news impacting the Ravens.

The “Injury Report” is presented by Harbor Hospital – after all, they’re just a long touchdown pass away from the gameday crowd.

We’ll wrap up the show with our picks and predictions, at noon.

Please tune-in tomorrow. You won’t be disappointed ……..