Super Bowl Radio Row Highlights Day 1

January 26, 2009 |

Day 1 Highlights from Radio Row and Tampa :

I actually woke up at 4:10am, walked 8 blocks to the convention center, and didn’t get out of breath during the walk.

Michael Irvin did his radio show right next to us and wore his sunglasses indoors while doing his show.

Ben Roethlisberger spoke to the media and was dressed like a homeless person. For the record, Kurt Warner was dressed in a nice suit.

M&M’s handed out some complimentary Steelers M&M’s. I grabbed a bag and I’m going to do some disgusting things to them and give them to my friend who loves the Steelers.

We booked Joe Montana and probable number one pick Matt Stafford for later in the week.

The Virg (my friend Chris that looks like the 40 Year Old Virgin) and I played some basketball last night. We are both very white and a long story short, it took us 2 hours to play horse before we just gave up.

Free unlimited Fritos and Mountain Dew

Veteran Sports Talk hosts Tony Bruno and Howard Eskin joined the show and provided some good commentary. You can check out the interviews on wnstv and in the audio archive on

Nestor worked a full 4 hours.

The NFL Network is set up in front of us and a couple of times a day I got to watch the Ravens Super Bowl highlights.

Nestor just brought us a cold A COLD BEER on Radio Row.