Super Bowl Radio Row Highlights Day 2

January 27, 2009 |

Radio Row Tampa Bay Highlights Day 2 :

On the brink of starvation, Drew Forrester makes a Subway run and saves the day. Jared from Subway will be stopping by this week.

After appearing on The Bob Haynie Show for a number of years, I finally got to meet Mike Harmon from Mike knows his football and can throw the numbers out to prove it. He will be launching his site real soon. Check it out.

I stood 50 feet away from President Obama. It’s either him or a cardboard cutout. I’m leaning towards the cutout because he hasn’t moved in 6 hours.

Howard Eskin from WIP cussing Nestor out during an argument about Bruce Springsteen.

I paid 3 bucks for a Gatorade and 2 minutes later the people from Gatorade brought out complimentary Gatorade. I don’t care what you say, that’s pretty funny.

The Virg (see day 1 highlights) and I played Horse again last night. After an hour we still hadn’t hit a shot so, we played to the letter H. I did out rebound him 152 to 61.

A dude from told me to tell Haloti Ngata that he has a fan in Mexico City.

The Hooters girls stopped by to visit WNST.

This is the 2nd day here and I still haven’t seen any Steeler fans yet.

The Media Party is tonight. I will have those highlights tomorrow. Last year included bull riding, crab races, dancing horses, gun showdowns, and practical jokes that made Chris Pika so mad that I thought he was going to kill us.