Super Bowl Radio Row Highlights Day 3

January 28, 2009 |

Super Bowl Radio Row Highlights — Day 3

I woke up late this morning. We go on the air at the Convention Center at 6am. I walked out of the room at 5:31 am, and I had to walk the mile to work. Knowing I wasn’t going to make it, I ran. Long story short, I weigh 250 pounds and had new sneakers on. Two words for you: bad combination.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Deacon Jones wrapped his hand around Nestor’s skull to demonstrate how he once ripped someone’s helmet off of their head. The look on Nestor’s face was worth flying down here. Deacon had on a sweatsuit jacket with no shirt on underneath. That’s style brother. By far, Deacon has been the best guest of the week.

Joe Montana stopped by WNST and did a segment with Drew and Nestor. Drew told Joe that he was better then Johnny U., and Joe said he wasn’t. Joe also talked about Ray Lewis possibly leaving, and Montana recalled how he went from the 49ers to the Chiefs near the end of his own career.

Scott Van Pelt told us that he can’t come on because we aren’t a ESPN affiliate. Scott’s a good dude, but ESPN is running a tight ship this year. Van Pelt went on to say that he is concerned with Gary Williams and Maryland’s basketball team.

Nestor blew off the undefeated, pound-for-pound greatest boxer in the world. You’ve seen him on Dancing With The Stars and WrestleMania. Floyd Mayweather Jr. for Howard Balzer from USA Today Sports Weekly. Howard is one of the best in the business but … NES!!! Don’t worry, I smacked him.

DeAngelo Williams from the Panthers walked around Radio Row the entire day with a bicycle helmet on. Asked why he was wearing it, and he said he just biked in from Carolina. I’m starting to think he really did.

Felix works security down here. He told me that he was from White Marsh, and we got talking. A while later, he asked if the guy sitting behind me was Mike Preston. It was former Cowboy Nate Newton. I don’t care what you say, that’s funny.

Now for last night’s Media Party. The great Southern rock band .38 Special played for about 1,000 media members. The Hooters Girls served the food, and there were Cuban women dancing on little stages everywhere. Nice party!!!