Super Bowl Radio Row Highlights Day 5

January 30, 2009 |

Our week is almost done here on Radio Row, and we had plenty of fun and good guests. Here are Friday’s highlights:

Former WNST intern Stacy Keibler stopped by today. It’s the 1st time that I’ve seen her since the Ravens won the Super Bowl. Since then, she ‘s been a star in the WWE, Dancing with the Stars and now lives in Hollywood. Since then, I’m still producing at WNST, working Saturdays and living off of Caton Avenue. That’s what I’m talking about.

Super Bowl Wayne was interviewing Brian Billick for a segment on his show and introduced him as Bill Belichick.

Ickey Woods and Antonio Freeman were both on the show earlier. Antonio and Ickey both showed us a little Ickey shuffle. It’s been 18 years since Ickey has played. Wow!!!

Jon Ogden got his picture taken with Miss America. That was about 5 hours ago and he is still smiling.

Free food delivered to Radio Row for all of the media right after I buy lunch. I hate that!!!

Since I didn’t have a team to cheer for when I was growing up, I adopted the Chicago Bears. Jim McMahon had the spiked hair and the sunglasses. Plus Fridge was eating Big Macs by the dozen. Then there was Walter Payton … Sweetness. Walter’s son Jarrett stopped by and hooked me up with a Roos headband just like his dad used to wear.

Kevin James (The King Of Queens) came on the show and promoted Mall Cop. Kevin is a big sports fan and a funny dude. Make sure you check him out on

Several officers entered Radio Row with several bomb-sniffing dogs. Excuse me, the officer said to never say bomb. Say explosive. The word bomb scares people. Yeah, you think? The dogs sniffed around and nothing. Thank God!!!

Another football season wraps up Sunday. Go Cardinals!!!

Casey Willett and I return tomorrow from 11 am utill 1 pm for the Saturday Ravens Show. Cowboys TE Jason Witten, and maybe another special guest, will join the show.