Super Bowl Sunday

February 03, 2013 | Derek Halford

It’s finally here. The game that every young football player dreams of playing in. The Super Bowl. First, congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers on great seasons, so lets talk about them.

I picked the 49ers to represent the NFC in the super bowl in the beginning of the season. But they’re not exactly the same team. Alex Smith was the starting QB for the first 8 games of the season. Last year he finally showcased a good year and the first 8 games of this season he did pretty good as well. Before he got injured, he had the best passer rating in the league. So Jim Harbaugh had to put Colin Kaepernick and he shined. So instead of putting Alex Smith back as the starter when he was healthy, he decided to keep Kaepernick as the starter. They changed there offense to the reid/pistol offense and it added another option on the field. Kaepernick displays the ability to pass and throw. He has a great passing awareness and get away from the rush. He has a great football IQ, a great work ethic, and a great desire for the game. He has a great future in the NFL. Other than Kaepernick, they have a great running back in Frank Gore and a great big receiving threat in Vernon Davis. On their offensive line, they have 3 first round picks and 2-3 pro bowlers. Defensively, the 49ers have 2 of the best pass rushers in the league in Aldon Smith and Justin Smith, 1 of the best linebackers in the league in Patrick Willis, and a good young secondary. The 49ers have a young talented team and I think they might be the team of this decade.

The Baltimore Ravens. They’ve had a very up and down year. They’ve always had the talent but they could never put it together and be consistent. The Ravens started the season 5-1 and that 1 loss should’ve been a W. They finished the season losing 4 of the last 5. Joe Flacco wasn’t looking so good. He had no pocket presence what so ever and had bad accuracy and had one of the worst completion percentages in the league.  The defense was playing mediocre and was ranked only 17th in the league. A few days before the wild card game vs. the Colts, Ray Lewis announced that this would be his last ride and he would retire at the end of the season. This sparked the team and gave them motivation. Flacco finally stepped up and became and elite QB. He used his deep threats in Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones and used his middle of the field threats and chain movers in Anquan Boldin and Dennis Pitta. Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce are a great 1-2 punch and with Vonta Leach and the new offensive line (Bryant Mckinney at LT and Michael Oher at RT), the offense can’t be stopped. The defense stepped up and looked like the defense of old. Ray Lewis has had over 40 tackles so far in the playoffs. The secondary has been playing great tight coverage and they finally got a consistent pass rush. They played Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, 2 of the best QB’s in this past decade, and only let up 2 passes more than 30 yards (Peyton Manning to Eric Decker for 35 yards and Tom Brady to Wes Welker for 32 yards).

These are 2 very evenly matched teams. This is only Kaepernicks 10th career start. The Ravens have too  much motivation and desire for this game. They want to win for Ray. The chills and emotions and adrenaline are going to explode when Ray Lewis gives his pre game speech. Ravens Win!

Baltimore Ravens     –     27

San Francisco 49ers   –    24

My Bold Prediction. Ed Reed intercepts the ball late in the game and Justin Tucker will hit the game winning field goal.