SuperBowl Hatred!! Call it what it is!

January 28, 2010 |

Ok another NFL season is coming to a close. I find myself in the same position as last year…(maybe not as intense but still the same). I am going to root for the team who is playing a team I HATE!!!! I HATE the (Indy) COLTS everything about them… From Peyton Mannings abilities, the colors they stole, the town the represent and last but not least the FAMILY most hated by people from Baltimore The Irsay’s. I know Bob is dead but Jim makes my stomach turn just as much. I think the Saints are a good team??? Drew Brees is fun to watch. The recievers are a Flacco Dream Team. The city is awesome in almost everyway. Even the owner looks like he is the life of the party…. But I Hate the Colts!!!!

Last year I fell in love with the Cardinals through my hatred of the Steelers and they crushed me. Ripped my heart out at the very end. Allowing the evil empire to hold the trophy one more time. That is why I hate the Cardinals now. This year has that feel to it. I should really like the Saints the city deserves it they have had so much hardship we should all be routing for them to win. I am routing for the Colts to lose… I hope we don’t have the same result as last year.

I made the trip to Tampa for Super Bowl XXXV. That feeling was unmatched in my sporting life so far… The 83 world series never could compare. Knowing that the league had a dislike for the city of Baltimore and its fans. Watching the Ravens destroy team after team on their way to history. I can still remember every game and its defining moment. I can’t wait to feel that again the love for my team and watching them in the Super Bowl and getting all that attention knowing the country is forced to take notice. It is a truly special thing to be a part of.

As for now I will be a hater!!!!! I will dream of Colt failure. I will pray to Unitas that all will be OK. That the thiefs who stole our team, colors, tradition and our football heart will end in misery… I just can’t watch an Irsay lift that trophy again.