Take a second today

May 26, 2008 |

While you are heading to the ballpark today, cooking out, or whatever you are doing today, just take a brief second and think about what today means and is truly about. Yes we all appreciate the day off or being able to get together with our family, but so many people in our military have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can have these freedoms.
Memorial Day always makes me think about my six and a half years that I served in the Army and how I could have easily been in the same situation that a majority of our soldiers are in now, fighting in a war in a foreign country or having paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I have such a great respect and appreciate for what all the current and past members of our Armed Forces do and have done for our country. There is not a more underpaid and thankless job in the entire world than being in our military.
I challenge you today that if you see someone that is or has been in our military to go up to them and just say thank you. I can tell you from personal experience that it means a lot, because all most of the members of the military hear is all the negative about the war and the President and everything else.
There is a song out by Tim McGraw that I think says a lot about what this day is all about. A friend of mine that I was in the Army with sent this to me, watch this video and just listen to the words of the song.
To all the members of the military past and present, and the families of loved ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice, I say thank you for what you do and have done for this country.