April 15, 2009 |

 Anyone remember the Hilary Clinton campaign, IT TAKES A VILLAGE  TO RAISE A CHILD?   Well thinking along those lines as it relates to the Orioles, I say: IT TAKES A SERIES TO RAISE A FRANCHISE.

The hot start by the Orioles still has many fans skeptical and rightly so. We have seen good April’s before with this organization, only to see them sputter to the finish line in September.  Anyone remember 4-32?  Staying on the positive side of things, it has been a beautiful Spring for the O’s because they are winning series against teams, and that’s what it’s all about.  Three series victories to begin the season is outstanding, and Tuesday night’s extra frame thriller was the kind of game they would have probably lost in years past.

The best part in winning three straight series to begin 2009 is the way they have done it by capturing the first two games in each series right out of the gate.  By heading into the series finale with each team knowing they don’t need a win to walk away with the series victory takes a lot of pressure off these birds.  Sweeps would be nice, but building a little momentum by capturing one series at a time can go a long way to building a successful ball club and one the fans can be proud of.  Speaking of which.  How beautiful is it to see the Orioles at the top of the standings in the AL East when you look in the newspaper or on-line?   Obviously, a long, long way to go to return this franchise to respectabilty, but the Orioles are trying to get there one series at a time.