Tale of 2 cities

August 24, 2010 | John West

I have 2 letters I want to write today.

Dear Darelle Revis,

You may recall a letter from me several weeks ago, urging you to continue your heroic holdout for a new contract from the N.Y Jets. Since then, things have gotten much worse. Your situation has taken on an epic struggle, one that has grown way beyond your control. With the success of HBO “Hard Knocks”, there is an appearance that the N.Y. Jets can win without you. We both know this not to be true.
Last year, head coach Rex Ryan said to all who would listen, that you were hands down the best player in the league. Not the best cornerback and not the best defensive player, but rather the best player in the league. And now, the Jets want to pay you like the second best cornerback in the league. You can’t stand for that.
With the impending lockout of the players by NFL owners, your struggle is more than you realize. Good luck and be strong. Your fans are out there and are hoping to give you the strength you need to keep this struggle up (at least through week 1).

Baltimore Ravens Nation

Dear Jim Brown,

It has come to our attention that you have been disrespected by the brain trust that makes of the Cleveland Browns. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, you are refusing to take place in the inaugural Ring of Honor ceremony at the home opener on Sept. 19, 2010. This decision appears to be stemming from Mike Holmgren reducing your role with the Browns, and cutting your salary in half.

Please consider another option. We here in the city of Baltimore are well aware of 2 things. One, what it’s like to have another city celebrate your city’s history. Two, that the city of Cleveland HATES us. I suggest that you, Jim Brown, and the city of Baltimore, finally do something to deserve that hatred from Cleveland. Come to Baltimore and sell us your past. We are hungry for it, we remember it fondly and we need it back. If we can’t have ours, and your Cleveland Browns don’t want to show you the respect you clearly deserve, come to Baltimore and join our Ring of Honor. If Cleveland wants to hate us, let them finally have something worthy of their hate.

Baltimore Ravens Nation