Teixeira to Baltimore? It’s complicated…

December 11, 2008 | Drew Forrester

So the O’s are in “The Final Four”, huh?

If only Maryland hoops could do the same thing sometime soon, maybe Gary would be off the hot seat.

Anyway, the offers are in and, apparently, Peter Angelos has authorized a mega-millions proposal to Mark Teixeira.  Baltimore, Washington, Boston and the Angels are the four finalists for Tex’s services.

First off, there’s no way of knowing if the supposed 7-year, $140-$150 million offer from the O’s is actually true.  But since the O’s generally spoon-feed certain members of the media the information they want dispensed to the fan base, it’s a fair bet to say that Jeff Zrebiec of The Sun is on point with his 7-year-offer-story.

Now, it gets complicated.

For me, that is.

There are four different “Drew’s” involved in this mess.

Drew the lifelong O’s fan wants to see the O’s get better and there’s no doubt Mark Teixeira will make them better.  Drew the lifelong O’s fan is sick of seeing 60-something-win seasons in Baltimore and has been demanding better players and a better roster for a few years now — so it’s hard to complain when the team actually goes out and signs a high-quality player.

But Drew the local radio host who has been expurgated by the team for speaking the truth is actually hoping the team gets bent-over by Boras and Teixeira.  It would almost be laugh-out-loud-funny to see the O’s have to fork over $190 million for a player that’s probably getting an extra $30-$40 million because the team has lost for 11 straight seasons and they’re now forced to pay the piper.

You can almost hear the conversation now:

Tex – “I think we should take that $150 million offer from Baltimore and get this over with…”

Boras – “No, no, no.  You stick to baseball and I’ll stick to business, kid.  That franchise hasn’t won since Clinton was President.  If you don’t sign there, the fans will go nuts.  They’ll probably have another walk-out organized by that radio station no one listens to.  When you’ve lost for 11 straight years, there’s a price to pay for that.  We’ll get $190 million from them.  Watch me work.”

There’s also Drew the Nick Markakis-Brian Roberts fan who thinks it’s a disgrace that the Orioles would offer any player a $20 million per-year contract and not give Markakis and Roberts more money or new deals.  What’s Teixeira (or any free agent for that matter) done for the Orioles’ organization?  Nothing.  Roberts has labored here for 8 years and has not only been outstanding on the field, but a model citizen (x5) off the field.  And for the last two off-seasons, all they’ve done is dangled him from a string and embarrassed him by trading him one day, keeping him the next and, mostly, refusing to be honorable with a guy who has been nothing but honorable with them.

All Markakis has done is play a rock-star right field, average .299, 21 HR’s and 91 RBI in three seasons in the big leagues.  Someone called the show this morning and said he was “average.”  Uh, not quite.  And last off-season, the Birds gave him a rabbit punch to the kidney by giving him a $55,000 bump in salary to shut him up while they decided what other guys they wanted to bring in and overpay.  Giving Markakis a raise to $800k while negotiating a new deal for him is the right thing to do – especially when you’re getting ready to pay a guy $20 million a year who hasn’t made one day of contribution to the organization.

In the end, though, there’s no doubt the franchise NEEDS Mark Teixeira.  And Drew the-guy-who-would-like-to-see-people-go back-to-the-ballpark realizes signing Teixeira might actually motivate people not from Boston and New York to buy tickets to see the home team play at Camden Yards.

Lord knows the team’s marketing and PR department can’t get Baltimore people to go to the ballpark -perhaps Mark Teixeira can make it happen.

It’s complicated.

Sign him?  Yes.

And no.

Take your pick.