Terps Lose Lead, Poise & Maybe NCAA Bid

March 04, 2008 |

The Maryland Terrapins had an NCAA Tournament berth within their hands, and like the 21 other turnovers they had, they let it slip through their fingers.  Bad shot selection, missed free throws, extremely, poor ball handling, and overall bad basketball IQ led to this debacle which saw Maryland blow a 20-point lead with 11 minutes left in the game.    
This is absolutely inexcusable at home to blow this lead, especially on Senior Night.   I think this loss really demonstrates that Terps need a new point guard.  Neither Greivis Vasquez nor Eric Hayes has proven that he is the reliable hand that this team needs.   I now understand why they went after point guard Jai Lucas so hard last spring.   Vasquez is a two guard period; Hayes, I am beginning to wonder if he is an ACC starter at all.  How can a team continue to commit 20+ turnovers a game and not think it’s going to hurt itself?  Where was James Gist the last 10 minutes of the game?   Did anyone except Vasquez want the ball in the last five minutes?
The Terps now have to beat Virginia on the road next week, and probably win one (and maybe two games) in the ACC Tournament.  This loss really hurts because this one should have been a win; no excuses, no crying, they just blew it.