July 08, 2014 | Tom Federline

It’s official. As of July 1, 2014 the University Maryland Terrapins are a part of the B1G Ten Athletic Conference. If you didn’t catch the 60 second clip on the evening news that night or the 30 second blurb on sports radio that day, you missed it. I understand there was a “celebration” at Under Armour headquarters for supposedly an afternoon and official announcement on campus the following day for about an hour. Of course, WNST was on this in early June. But did you hear anything more about this from any other local media as the date approached? I do not spend $75+ for a shirt that breathes or $100+ for tennis shoes (UA apparel) and I also do not contribute thousands of dollars to the Terrapin Club – so I guess that’s why I wasn’t invited.

Initial announcement – “Terps are moving to the Big Ten, good-bye ACC. All lifetime Terp fans, if you don’t like it – to bad. Its’ a done deal.” Official move date – “Terps headed west, mid-summer, prior to 4th of July Holiday. It’s a done deal. Tune in Terp fans at the beginning of September to follow the mens football and mens/womens soccer teams hitch hiking on Routes 76 and 80, trying to locate Cedar Rapids, Iowa.” I have heard half the teams will be heading to Raleigh-Durham area, the other half will be attempting to dodge tornado’s on their first road trip to the Midwest.

Wait-a-minute, they won’t be hitch hiking, they’ll be riding in luxury motor coaches. Five players to an RV, equipped with all the luxuries of their dorm rooms for their 3 month road trip. I understand the university is supplying each motor coach with IT personnel that were fired from the “Identity Theft Scandal” last year. They are to help keep up the kids academic obligations, with remote access to their classes and to Facebook. In addition, I believe the University is also providing traveling “tutors” (from the basketball team),  to assist in providing guidance to the youngsters for those “remote access” classes. The motor coaches are part of the “financial stability package” the university will be receiving as part of this transfer to the midwest.

Remember the words from UMCP’s current athletic director, (not verbatim) – The move to the B1G Ten will help the University of Maryland academically, as well as financially. Really Kevin Anderson? Academically? Please provide those fabricated “academically enhanced” documents in order to safe face. What I read was – “Maryland is set to make $100 million dollars more in the next 6 years by joining the B1G Ten as opposed to if they had stayed in the ACC.” Really Kevin Anderson and President Loh? Does that include the $52 million dollar penalty for transferring out of the ACC and joining the B1G Ten? Does that include re-instating the sports programs that were dropped because of “misappropriation” of funds within the Athletic Department? Good ahead blame it on Debbie Yow – she’s gone. Does that include paying off Turgeon when he blows another basketball season? It’s all about the money and only about the money. Isn’t it Mr. AD and Mr. Pres.? Academics? Really? Maryland established itself as a top notch academic college many moons ago. Don’t embarrass yourselves, keep the athletics and academics totally separate. Ya ain’t foolin’ no one, no mo’.

College athletics are a changing. Traditions – gone. Rivalries – gone. Geographical accommodation – gone. Student athletes –  gone. Fan base – diminishing and/or transitional. “Show Me the Money” – IN. The re-arrangement of college conferences apparently are a necessary evil. As you know by now – I’m old school and that I believe – “Its All Fixed.” It does pain me when the almighty dollar wins out. I can accept there will be new traditions, new rivalries new fan bases. It’s just gonna take awhile. “O” and it’s going to take more gas money for the RV when we are picking up the kids hitch hiking across the country. FYI – here’s a look at the new B1G Fourteen:

This whole Terp transfer from the ACC to the B1G Ten has been like one huge “Firework” – (Katy Perry). One right after the other. We got blasted on the initial announcement over a weekend in the Fall. Blasted again, when the official move was done a couple of days before the 4th of July pyrotechnics. I know, I know – “It will work out in the end…….and if it doesn’t……. it’s not the end.” Or someone could just introduce the university on another scam to get some mo’ money and BAM – more fireworks.

Good luck Terps, we’ll be watching you on the B1G Ten Network (that is a plus). Good luck Terps, with local fan support during the second year of your Midwest run. The faithful will probably stay with you this initial year -it’s a novelty. Then watch the numbers dwindle. Let’s hope for the best. Go Terps – see you up in Madison. BTW -that is a cool college town. “Time to face the strange.”






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  1. unitastoberry Says:

    I think this could be the worst year ever for Maryland football and basketball combined since the 1960s.

  2. Fedman Says:


    Bless you for coming right out and saying it. I agree whole heartedly. I am also leaning on the side of embarrassing. I don’t know how much my Terp pride will be shining when we can claim – “The worst combined Football and Mens Basketball seasons in 50 years!” At least our kids will be able to say (50 years from now)…………”Remember that first year in the B1G Fourteen?”
    Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


  3. JC Says:

    Great topic. You did quite well in asking all the important questions. Since I’m trying relly hard to take the “glass half full” viewpoint, here’s a few “positive” aspects to consider:
    1. Conference Championships are a real possibility in Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse
    2. Since a highly paid tutor will most likely be driving the Football Team’s RV’s, there is a better chance that no one on the football team will get a DWI.
    3. Since the new money is all about academic opportunities, I’m sure the university will be purchasing one of those fancy RV’s for the 2013 National Championship Soil Judging Team (Gotta look that one up)
    4. Many of the B1g Ten traditional powerhouses will have extra seats available since the Terp Fans won’t be buying up their alloted tickets
    5. We may finally see the expanded Byrd Stadium full of Red when Ohio State comes to town.

    That’s the best I can do on the positive side.
    Could be a very interesting year.

  4. Fedman Says:


    Thanks for your thoughts from the other half of the glass. “With change we may find purpose”, or something along those lines.
    Maybe they just need to change the names of the conferences? The NCAA is heading towards six (6) mega-conferences anyway.

    Going to Terp football events at “Byrd” may be worth it – the Tailgate. It would be interesting to meet and greet those who chose to RV-it east and sit in a 60,000 seat stadium. After they fill their 2 sections down low in the NE corner, then they’ll fill that upper bowl monstrosity – that should have never been built. NOW, the money hungry athletic department have grounds to attempt justifying the move.

    “Diggin in the Dirt” – Mr. Peter Gabriel! You go U of M Dirt Team. National Champions 2013 and won it in………….Wisconsin! Soil Judging Team ahead of the pack on the move to the B1G Fourteen. They best already have their own Soil Mobile. Nice pull on that one.

    Thanks for the feedback. Keep ’em rolling.


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