Terps Uniforms Perfect for State

September 10, 2011 | Marty Mossa

The Maryland Terrapin clown uniforms unveiled on national TV Monday Night were a perfect representation of our joke of a state.  Let’s face it; the State of Maryland’s a joke.  Between our sleazy governor, tax and spend legislature, and allowing illegal immigrants to go to college at in state tuititi0n; the helmets were a perfect fit for this state.

The Maryland Boosters should be totally embarrassed.  We as citizens of this state should be mortified.  Our state football team was represented before a nationally televised audience wearing something that looked like Ringling Brother’s Circus designed them.   Every week Comcast has a ranking of cities, teams etc.  Maryland’s uniforms were ranked #2 as the “ugliest” uniforms in the last 15 years.  “The University of Maryland made a splash in the headlines with these hideous new uniforms. The design was a creative play on the colors of the Maryland state flag, but the result was, well, distracting.”

As for me I’m a traditionalist, I liked the simple “M” on the helmet from the 70’s.  So I say bring back the “M”.  In my humble opinion, Kevin Plank and Under Armour are running the show at Maryland, not Kevin Anderson, nor Randy Edsell.  And after the way they treated Ralph Friedgen, I hope they lose the rest of this year’s games. 

 Oh and by the way, watch the viedo attachment, it’s great!