Tex, Jeter, Cano Win Gold Gloves, Markakis Denied Again

November 09, 2010 |

In what has become an annual event, Nick Markakis was not amongst the winners for an American League Gold Glove Award. MLB announced this year’s recipients on Thursday. Yankees Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano man the 2010 infield alongside third baseman Evan Longoria of the Rays. Longoria’s teammate Carl Crawford shares the award-winning outfield with Mariners Franklin Guitierrez and Ichiro Suzuki.

This year’s Gold Glove slighting may come as no surprise to Orioles RF Nick Markakis and his fans. The strong-armed Bird had arguably a better fielding season in ’09 when he was turned down for the honor in favor of teammate Adam “I Play Really Shallow But I Run Well On My Heels” Jones.

Markakis as at a disadvantage as a right fielder because MLB recognizes three outfielders rather than players at each outfield position. Center fielders have more opportunities to make plays and are generally (often, though not always rightfully) considered the best outfielder on a team, so the Gold Glove may have three CFs awarded on the same year. Oddly, they do not do the same for the infield; otherwise, they’d have to find three shortstops not named Jeter to honor each season.

Also, rather than take a systematic approach to assessing the highest producing fielders, the Gold Gloves tend to go to the same high profile recipients each year. Ichiro “Fancy Catch” Suzuki just won his 10th glove in 2010, and Derek “Tilt-A-Whirl” Jeter his 75th.

So, still no recognition for Markakis. On the brightside, Ty Wigginton did get to play a half inning of All Star defense this summer.