Tex update: Washington hot, O’s…not?

December 17, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Another edition of: As The Tex Turns.

Here’s what I’m hearing this morning.  Much of this I mentioned on the air today so I apologize if you’re reading old information.

But for those of you looking for your new-Tex-info-fix, here’s what I’ve learned over the last 18 hours.

Someone I know that is familiar with Tex’s family in a social situation says Teixeira is under no pressure from his parents to sign in Baltimore.  They would obviously love him to come home and play 20 miles from their Severna Park residence, but they’re very much in “Mark will do what’s best for himself and his family” mode.  They are not pressuring him to sign in Baltimore.  That was made very clear to me.

Another source tells me that Washington has made Tex the best offer “by a lot”.  I’m not sure if “by a lot” means money, years, incentives or some combination of all three.  But I was told, point blank:  “Washington has made the best offer, by a lot.”

But remember, just because Washington makes the best offer today – doesn’t mean someone else won’t make a better offer tomorrow.

It doesn’t look like the Orioles will be the ones making that better offer anytime soon.

An Orioles associate tells me the club feels they stepped forward with what they deemed “a very fair offer from the beginning” and that the club is not going to go back and forth with Scott Boras and the other clubs in some sort of on-going negotiating version of e-mail tag.

“Andy made it clear they want Teixeira and Andy made that clear by making an offer that was in line with what everyone else was offering initially,” says the associate, who is in and around the franchise on a regular basis. “They were confident that their offer – when combined with Mark’s wish to come home and play at Camden Yards – would be enough to get the deal done.  But others have upped their interest level and the O’s feel comfortable with the deal and the value they’ve given Teixeira through Boras.”