Texans Stomp Bengals

January 08, 2012 | Michael Schwartz

T.J Yates beats Andy Dalton in rookie showdown in the opening round of the playoffs. Yates threw for 159 yards and one touchdown, while Dalton threw for 257 yards and three interceptions. Yates had the overall better game and his team won the game. The Texans defense was the real reason they won in this game. At the end of the first half, rookie J.J Watts intercepted Dalton and returned it for a touchdown. This gave the Texans a 17-10 lead going into halftime.

The Texans defense didn’t let up and neither did the Texans offense. The Bengals didn’t score at all in the second half. They didn’t move the ball well and that was because the Texans pass rush was in Daltons face all day. They batted down a lot of balls at the line of scrimmage which will help them throughout the playoffs. They play the Ravens who like to dump it off to Ray Rice. If they can bat those down, then they will stop a lot of the Ravens offense.

Andre Johnson had a good game and that is what the Texans wanted to see after his injuries this year. He had five receptions for 90 yards and a touchdown. He looked good running in and out of routes. He also blocked well and that is the way the Texans can win. Arian Foster ran for 153 yards and had two touchdowns. He has power and speed which makes him one of the best running backs in the NFL.

The Texans play the Ravens next week in Baltimore and they lost to them earlier this season. They had Matt Schaub at the time but not Andre Johnson or Mario Williams. Mario Williams and Schaub will not be in this game but Johnson will be. It will be tough for Yates to go against the Ravens defense. The Ravens defense is one of the best in the NFL, so it will be tough for Foster to run on them. He didn’t break 100 yards earlier this year and for them to win he must have over 100 yards. Yates will likely have a bad game versus the Ravens defense. They won their first playoff game, so they have the confidence to beat Baltimore in the Divisional Playoffs.