Texas A&M Miller: Top LB Prospect

March 07, 2011 | Brian Billick

Von Miller proved at the NFL combine what most already knew – that he should be the top LB taken in April’s draft.  Miller checked-in at 6’2 5/8, 246 lbs and ran an official 4.53 40-yard dash – good for second best time of all participating LBs.  Folks, that is MOVIN for a young man his size!  On tape, Miller shows an explosive pass rush off that edge that has 3-4 teams salivating.  As a Jr. he tallied 17 sacks and even after an ankle injury that hampered the first half of his Sr. season, he still was a force, totaling 10.5 sacks.  He uses a quick/strong hand punch that causes OL to lose their initial balance and beats them around the corner with speed and great hip flexion.  While the tape is obvious that he can get after the QB, he has made it his mission to show NFL Scouts that he is not just a one trick pony.  Starting at the Senior Bowl and continuing at the Combine, Miller has shown an ability to drop back in coverage and play in space.  He was not asked to do that very often at the college level, but NFL teams would love to have that versatility at their disposal.  Finally, Miller will need to improve his ability to hold up at the point of attack.  He has a tendency to speed rush hard up field leaving the defense vulnerable to running plays that attack his inside shoulder.  All in all, Von Miller is an explosive player that already had the attention of the 3-4 defenses near the top of the draft, but with his recent workouts, he is making a statement to the 4-3 teams as well.  I have heard multiple NFL personnel people compare him to Clay Matthews and even Lawrence Taylor, and those are two names you simply can’t ignore!