Thank you Denver! Good Luck with Tebow..

April 22, 2010 | John West

My night watching the NFL Draft

7:38 Sam Bradford goes to the Rams….I am a perfect 100%

7:40 Already tired of Chris Berman.  I am watching ESPN over the NFL Network.  ESPN has Mel and Adam Scheftner.  The NFL Network can’t compete with Mel.

7:44 Ndamukong Suh goes to the Lions….Somebody drug test me, I am out of control at a perfect 100%.

7:47  Having a fresh bowl of the tasty Chesapeake Chili.  That wonderful chili I make, made with love! , Old Bay, and lots and lots of Lump Crab Meat.  Hmmm Hmmm Good!!!!!  Almost spilt some on my Joe Flacco jersey, but my Oriole apron caught the drop.  Nice catch.

3 for 3, and now the Redskins are on the clock.  What will they do?  Who CARES!

4 for 4, I just peeed in a cup.  This is “The chalk” draft  This is easy

8:05 Breaking News… I was wrong, Once!!  Eric Berry, S  will start for 10 years for KC.  They have 0 guards, but I guess that will be dealt with latter.

Taking a break right now…  So full from my delicious Chesapeake Chili.  Goes down smooth

I’m back..Guessing Draft picks is really hard.  So many trades, so much going on, I am LOVING THIS!!!

8:57 pm  My wife has her first coronary of the night.  She cannot stand Brian Billicheck or his protege, Bronco head coach Josh McDaniel.  All they do is trade down and get multiple draft picks, and then win.  Am I allowed to give her electric shock or do I have to call Obama?  CLEAR!!!

9:29 The Steelers pick Maurkice Pouncey, C, from Florida.  A new piece of ass for Ben to put his hands on.  This kid better hope its just Ben’s hands……Hello!

Breaking NEWS!!!!  The Orioles did NOT loss today.  Film at 11:00pm

9:39 Cincy takes Jermaine Greshem, TE.  My 7th correct pick.

As mentioned earlier, Pats and Broncos make trades, and they just traded with each other.  I hate them both.

9:58: waiting for the Pats to pick, then the Ravens.  The Dez Bryant is a HUGE story.  What do the Ravens do?  We will see in moments.

10:00 Ravens on the clock and Dez Bryant is off the board.  DAMN!!  Trade, Trade, Trade….

10:04  Oh My God!!!  The Ravens just traded their pick to Denver, and Denver freaken took Tim Tebow.  WOW!!!!!  What a Horrible pick.

10:12  The Ravens got the Bronco’s 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round draft picks.  I LOVE THIS Trade!  Go Ravens!