Thank You Veterans for Your Sacrifice

May 28, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Memorial Day; The unofficial start of summer, cookouts, swimming, fishing, going to Ocean City. It’s the Indy 500, Stanley Cup finals, its fun. But let us put this all into perspective, Memorial Day is truly about remembering those who gave their lives, and those who served their country so we could enjoy the fore mentioned activities.

If it we’re for the brave men and women who served our country, perhaps we would be doing different things. Instead of the Indy 500, it might be called the Hitler 500. The NHL might stand for the Nazi Hockey League; MLB might stand for Mussolini League Baseball. The NFL might be called the North Korean Football League, and the NBA might be renamed the Bin Laden Basketball Association.

I think you get my point. If it weren’t for these brave souls who served our country, we wouldn’t have the freedom to enjoy the things we have today. So GOD Bless America, and GOD Bless our freedom on this Memorial Day Weekend.