The action heats up in Tampa on Radio Row

January 28, 2009 | WNST Staff

Shaking off the hangover from last night’s media party with the Wild Eyed Southern Boys of .38 Special, we are back on the scene all day today from Radio Row at the Tampa Convention Center. We are expecting a massive contigent of guests beginning this afternoon. Hope you are all doing OK after the ugly ice storm last night. (I’ll refrain from saying that it was a lovely walk this morning here in Tampa!)
Joe Montana joins Nestor on Radio Row in Tampa

Joe Montana, Deacon Jones, Matt Cassel, Matt Hasselbeck are all in the room here now and Brian Billick and Joe Flacco are expected to arrive later today. Jon Ogden told me last night that he’ll be over today to visit with Brian Billick, so that’ll be a fun segment as well.

So, visit our audio vault, check out our many, many wnsTV videos here at or click on the listen live button and enjoy our favorite week of programming back in the crappy weather. We hope to warm the football spirits one last time before the “next” season of combines, draft and mini-camps begin.

Go Cardinals!