The Baltimore Outlook ….. In 2008

January 02, 2008 |

So, with the first day of 2008 being devoted to the departure of Brian Billick ….. I’ve waited until today to address anything else. Thus, on this 2nd day of January, I’m taking an opportunity to look ahead and into 2008. These are some pretty safe bets for the coming year:

The Biggest Test In Resilience :

I’d like to see how Dave Trembley handles one of the worst teams in baseball ….. after the All-Star break. Will his message and stoic determination be lost on the ears of his young subordinates?

If so, and if there’s any question regarding team chemistry ….. the birds can hire Dick Cass on retainer. And, he can survey the ticket takers, batboys and surviving relatives of the late-Ralph Salvon for their input on what the team should do. Nah ….. what was I thinking? The Orioles don’t care about the opinions of others …… whether they’re viable or NOT.

The Biggest Test Of Survival :

Do you get the impression that “Ravens Training Camp – 2008” will be much different than those preceding it? Will the transformation from FANTASY ISLAND to an NFL version of PARRIS ISLAND be possible in such a brief window?

If I could be “a fly on the wall” (you’ve heard of that saying, right ???) at McDaniel College, I’d take up residence just outside Ray Lewis’ locker on about the 3rd day of camp. I’d want to get there early and stay late ….. so I could see who was leaving all the anonymous “Thanks Alot Ray” notes thrown in his cubicle.

There’s gonna be a whopping dish of “Be Careful What You Ask For” served in the first week of camp.

The Greatest Chance Of A Peter Angelos Sighting :

Well, it’s obviously not going to be 333 West Camden Street, in Baltimore. Although, he “pops up” on occasion, it’s really hard to pin down the Orioles majority owner. This has been his history and modus, at least.

I’d say in 2008, this is the answer or topic that will continue to go unanswered ….. and that’s the crux of the problem. We don’t know where Pete is or where he’s gonna be. In all fairness to Steve Bisciotti ….. we don’t even know when Pete has a “gut check.”

Although, it’s a new year ….. the same old record will get spun on this phonograph. Speaking of phonographs, I wouldn’t be surprised it that’s the level of technology, as well as the approach being employed at the ‘warehouse. Ease up, folks ….. they just got a new TV. You’re not expecting good baseball, too ….. are you?

The Greatest Chance Of A “Non”-Peter Angelos Sighting :

Okay, you’re probably reasoning this is where we’ll stick in the Camden Yards address. Wrong !!!! How about Ft. Lauderdale, in about 6 weeks? Wrong, again !!!!

I know, you’re thinking it’s gotta be the Garmatz Federal Courthouse ….. with a class-action in hand. But, you’re still wrong, again !!!!

The place you’re least likely to find ‘Ole Pete is the 1st Mariner Arena, on Sunday, March 9th. Then again, if he’s carrying a briefcase containing TWO MILLION DOLLARS for Eddie Van Halen, he might be able to work out some elbow room with groupies, backstage. Remember that 2004 concert the Orioles backed out on?

Although, Eddie doesn’t talk much on stage, you gotta figure he’s gonna have a few choice words for Mr. Angelos. And, to think Nestor’s favorite moment was gonna be the guitar solo. Chances are Van Halen isn’t fit for Pete’s taste, anyway.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the mug of Peter A. Angelos on the jumbotron when David Lee Roth tears into “Running With The Devil.”

The Biggest Contribution From Steve Bisciotti :

Silence. If he’s learned anything over the last 48 hours, it’s gotta be that he endures a lot less controversy when he sticks to that low profile. In fact, I’d bet the last couple days have been the longest of his tenure as owner of the Ravens.

I’m expecting a return to his “stealth-mode” in 2008. Then again, if he makes the wrong decision in a few weeks, he’ll probably be obliged to pull another rabbit out of his hat, next December. If he does, I’d recommend not taking advice from Pinocchio.

The Greatest Chance Of A Brian Billick Sighting :

If I’m betting on this one, I’d say Baltimore is about to share Brian and his eloquent speaking ability with the world. Yep, he’s made for TV ….. and a prime spot, as well. Can you say “side by side” with Al Michaels ….. or how about on a Sunday studio set?

If NBC decides to finally put John Madden out of his misery, I could easily see Brian filling those shoes. And, he’s got the charisma to carry any studio show. He’s about to be a star and just like Madden ….. he may never look back.

Go get ‘em coach !!!!!

Well, that’s about all I can think of at the time. If you have any 2008 musings, please share them below …..

Oh and in case you forgot ….. I realize we all live in a “horse-sh!# town”. And, in the spirit of horses, I’d suggest we all pitch in and buy Aubrey Huff a SADDLE this season. It’ll be more comfortable when Baltimore fans join together and ride his A$$ right outta town !!!!!

Happy New Year