The Baseball Hall of Fame

January 08, 2008 |

Alright, I’m watching the National Championship game so I want to make this short, just incase Ohio State makes it a game again. Well, the just roughed the punter on 4 and 23. I guess now I can focus.
Before the Hall of Fame ballots come out tomorrow I want to point out the biggest injustice. It’s not Jime Rice or even Goose Gossage, although they both should be in (along with Andre Dawson). The biggest joke is that Bert “Be Home” Blyleven isn’t in. Do you know that he is fifth on the all-time strikeout list? That’s right, FIFTH!
  1. Nolan Ryan
  2. Roger Clemens
  3. Randy Johnson
  4. Steve Carlton
  5. Bert Blyleven

I know that sometimes we overblow strikeouts, even though it’s just another out, but we also overblow the home run, which is just another RBI. We do, however, give extra credence to the fact that both of these achievements are done without help. A single-handed display of dominance if you will. While record books record hitters triple crowns of home runs, rbi’s and batting average, people in baseball understand that the unofficial pitchers triple crown is wins, ERA, and strikeouts. I challenge you to find me a guy who ranks so high in any important category that is not in the hall.


I compare Blyleven’s numbers to a hall of famer from the same era, Don Sutton. While Sutton won 300 games and Blyleven did not (324 to 287) much of that could be accounted for the fact that Sutton played for much better teams. Also, Sutton started 71 more times in his career. But even with these 71 extra starts, Blyleven had two more shut outs and 64 more complete games. 64! Also, there ERA’s were almost identical (Blyleven’s 3.31 to Sutton’s 3.26) And before you jump on the post-season pulpit, Blyleven had him beat there too. Blyleven was 5-1 with a 2.47 while Sutton was 6-4 with a 3.68.
All I’m saying is that if this guy struck out more batters than anyone in history except for four other guys, than he must have been really good. By the way, do you know how far down the strikeout list to find a guy who’s eligible to get in and hasn’t? Mickey Lolich at #18.
OK, LSU’s up 31-10 and they’ve got the ball back. I think the Big Ten should have a bowl alliance with the Mountain West Conference. Maybe they could compete against that league. Oh wait! 31-17. I guess I should watch again.