The Battle of the Blues

February 11, 2009 |

Tonight at 9pm one of the greatest rivalries in sports happens for the 226th time. Whether you love Duke and UNC or hate them as most of Maryland does you must acknowledge this rivalry. You can go back to a bloody Eric Montross in 1992 to Jeff Capel’s half court shot in 1995 to Gerald Henderson’s hard foul on Tyler Hanbrough last season. These two teams get after each other and it usually happens in great atmospheres. Maryland fans like to think of Duke as their rival but it takes more than two good teams to make a rivalry. A rivalry must half most of the following things. The teams but be within a close proximityof each other. The fan bases must both have something to brag about. The players must interact on a regular basis. The teams must have a strong dislike as well as respect for each other. There also must be key moments throughout history that transcend the rivalry. I think this rivalry has all of these and tonight will be another chapter. Also Terp fans don’t have to worry about Dick Vitale calling it since the ESPN feed will be blacked out in this area.