The best way to start your week is this: “Ask Drew”

July 27, 2009 | Drew Forrester

So, baseball season has officially concluded in Baltimore and the pigskin is flying in Westminster.


And with that, here’s a FOOTBALL edition of the internet’s most popular question-and-answer session — “Ask Drew”.

I’m Drew.

You’re, well — you’re you.

And YOU ask ME a question.

And I answer it.

Understand this — I only answer legitimate questions.  Questions that make sense.  Questions that most people will find interesting.  If you ask a silly question, it goes in the can.

Ask me anything — really, anything — except don’t ask me whether or not I think the O’s are on the fast track to contention in 2010.  The answer to that question is “no”.  There, I saved you some time.

I have  a variety of prizes to give one of you who asks a good question that gets answered.  Last week, Eric Dezell won a free foursome at Renditions GC for asking a good question.  I have a Rusty Scupper restaurant gift certificate among this week’s prizes.

So it’s your time to shine.

Ask away.

And by the way, I’m playing in a golf tournament today, so I’m out of touch between noon and 6 pm.  Just so I don’t get any of those “why don’t you answer my question?” whinings that I get when I don’t answer your questions 10 minutes after you post it.