The Better Team Lost Part II

January 24, 2012 | Tom Federline

This time it was the Ravens on the short end. The Ravens earned a “loss” and were back in Owings Mills packing up for the winter. The New England Patriots earned a “win” and are headed to Indianapolis Irsay Land. Did both teams really earn their loss or the win? Did the Ravens take some lessons from the Texans and just felt it is better to give than receive? The New England Whiners were given a gift. The Ravens played better than anticipated. The Ravens played their best game since the 49’er game during Thanksgiving. The road to Indy was there for the taking. The story line written – Baltimore wins Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Ray-Ray and Ed were going out in glory. Then in the matter of 10 seconds – Yank – wide left, game over, Ravens lose.

Ray Lewis after the game – “One play doesn’t win or lose you the game.” Hey Ray-Ray, guess what? One play DID lose the game. I understand the premise he was trying to convey. We understand and saw what happened in the 59 minutes and 40 seconds prior to The Yank. We also saw the drive, the drop, the missed field goal, the season ending – one play. To much talk on the Lee Evans – one play – dropped/batted ball, missed chance. I’m not buying it. I try to minimize the words should, could and would in my vocabulary. Does he get paid to catch a ball? You’re darn right. Did he try?You’re darn right. Was the play well defended. You’re darn right. Bottom line, missed field goal, season over.

Enough, let’s look to the future. Retiring – Matt Birk (center – ouch), Ed Reed (DB on field caoch – HOF – ouch). Ray Lewis (well according to Ray-Ray 2 hours after the game – he’s not). Contracts expired – Camera Cameron (I’ll buy the one way ticket OUT), Ray Jr., Jarrett Johnson, Jameel McClain, Ben Grubbs (git ‘er done), Flacco (1 year left – git ‘er done – contract extension). And please Ozzie/Bisciotti – NO five year, 15 million dollar place kicker contract! Oh, you already made that rocknut move. What kind of cigars were you smokin’, when you made that decision? Yes, Raven fans, the guy who squashed the opportunity to go to Iindianapolis and win a Super Bowl, was signed to a 5 year deal in January of 2011. At 3 mil/year which is about $150,000/game. Does that make you feel better? Doesn’t that just make you feel sorry for poor Billy Bob? Prior to 2010 season, Billy Bob Yanker was a journeyman. One good year, cash in to “highest” bidder and boom you’re set. Five year contract to a journeyman kicker? More evidence of what is wrong with professional sports.

I think the Ravens should retire the #7 , because there hasn’t been any luck with jersey No. 7 in this Baltimore town. Remember Chris Redman and Kyle Booler? Am I missing any other Ravens #7? All that talent on the field, all that talent actually playing together as a unit, all that talent surviving teh Cameron and Horribaugh era. Then a missed field goal. Kinda like screwin’ up your country’s  National Anthem. It’s just not right. Nice move Steven Tyler – make “American ” Idol proud. Serves you right for wearing the New England Whiners cloth.

Sundays playoff game was painful. If you are surfing on the web, do not, I repeat do not, watch that last drive and end result, again. You may need some “Emotional Rescue” – (Rolling Stones). I did watch it again, I’m surprised the computer survived.  So, last year (2010) we got to savor the Pittsburgh loss, 31-24. In(2009) it was the Indy Irsays, 20-3. In (2008) Pittsburgh loss again, 23-14. In (2006) Indy Irsays loss again, 15-6. Kinda sick of the pattern, aren’t you? At least the Ravens are in the playoffs. Nah, not buying that. Players like Ray Lewis come around once in a blue moon, especially landing in Baltimore. Hey Ravens front office , ya done blown it. This 2011 team and the 2006 campaign – had the most talent since the Super Bowl team of 2000. The table was set, no meal delivered.

Is it the Trent Dilfer curse?