The Better Team Lost

January 17, 2012 | Tom Federline

The Texans earned a “loss” and are back in Houston cleaning out their lockers. The Ravens earned a “win” and are headed to Foxboro, Massachusetts to play the New England Patriots for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. The better “team” on the field this past Sunday gets to watch the Conference Championship from their Home Theatre Entertainment Centers. Did that defense look familiar to you? While the “team” that is carrying two coaches, gets to go north and pull in another hefty paycheck  for a days work. The Ravens need to change the game plan before and during the game, if they even want to think remotely of going to Indianapolis Irsay Land and make more money. The Ravens were given a gift Sunday. I don’t think the Bill Belichik Patriots will be as generous.

Has an “offensive coordinator” ever been fired prior to a Divisional Championship game? Hey Bisciotti, show some (guts) and make it a first. I say “offensive coordinator” with an emphasis on the second syllable. Can you get Zorn back here for the final two games? It would be nice if Flacco had a say. Oh, wait a minute I believe he already eluded to his disapproval, when you fired Zorn. All that talent on offense and Baltimore fans have to increase their blood presssure medicine because Camera Cameron and John Horribaugh cannot pull it together. Did you all see T-Sizzle during Horribaughs post game speech? The look said it all. The Ravens can do it. They have the talent. Come on Defense – two more games!


Why were the Ravens using a “Duckpin ball” (Ray Jr.), to run up the gut on a goal line stand, instead of using a Ten-pin ball (Vonte Leach)? They have tried that before and it does not work. I can call the plays before they break the huddle, from my living room. Better be some changes on that offense. Did anybody see that 49’ers team play this weekend? Now there is an “offensive coordinator” and head coach (emphasis on first syllable)! It pains me to write negatively about our home team headed to the Divisional Championship game, but it’s true. Thank you Jacoby Jones (rock nut punt returner) and T.J. Yates (rookie QB starting his 7th game) for delivering late Christmas presents.

Ravens are gonna have to stay on Santas “good list” and dig down deep or send Cameron packing for a win up north. Speaking of “good list”, did you notice the Ravens were not called for a penalty on Sunday? Let me say that again, the Baltimore Ravens did not even commit a holding penalty yesterday. Ok, let’s say it like it is, the Ravens were not “charged” with a penalty.  The New Orleans Saints did not commit a penalty in their game either. I believe I saw at least 6-8 from my living room. Hey NFL, who are you trying to kid?

I had to go look it up, there were only 18 penalties called in all four games. The regular sesason average is around 6.5 / team / game. There were only two (2) offensive line holding calls, that’s right two. 2 holding calls, 4 games, 8 teams, I’m not buying it. It’s a  joke. I guess no holding penalty calls, is better than “at the refs discretion” holding calls (which usually means – bought). Oh I forgot, they change the rules for the playoffs. And then we have to get the obligatory, the refs tried to hand the Packers the game (fumble/no fumble/ let’s review – no fumble) call. It was clear in real time and slow motion – the Packer lost the ball to the eventual winners – Giants. Did you see the “roughing Aaron Rogers” penalty? No, neither did I. The NFL still playing the naivety game. Here’s another “fix”  for you to brew on – when they go “under the tent for review”  – the bidding starts. I guess the winning team needs to know how to expand it’s penalty limitations and be ready to bid during review.

Best results of the weekend: 1. No more “unstoppable” Saints (would have been nice though, if Ravens could have stopped Brees TD run) 2. No more “almost undefeated” and repeat Packers. And the Grand Finale “Shut the Media up” – No more Tebow! For a nice parody of David Bowies Space Oddity and goof on all the hype, check out YouTube and Jimmy Fallons  “TeBowie”:

End with a positive – The Ravens have a shot. A long shot mind you, but a shot. They should relish more as the marked underdogs. Let Flacco play! Let Ray-Ray coach! This is Ray and Eds Swan Song. So let’s look into my “Crystal Ball” – (Styx). It the Ravens continue on like they have been playing –  Patriots 41 Ravens 13. If the Ravens play  like they are capable of playing  – Ravens 24 Pats 20. With the defense closing it out!