The Bird vs Magic of Hockey

April 29, 2009 |

To be honest, I don’t get in to hockey that much. If you do, stop reading and “piss off.” If your like me, you better check your pulse if you can’t get into the Capitals vs. Penguins game. This Saturday play golf early or get your chores done by 1pm. Alex Ovechkin of the Capitals and Syndey Crosby of the Penguins are going to give the below average hockey fan a chance to watch something spectacular. Go to you tube and watch some of there goals if you haven’t seen them except on sportscenter. This is our chance to get into NHL hockey. There are also plenty of other stars on the team; watch out for Evgeni Malkin of the Penguins and the Wiley Veteran Sergei Fedorov for the Capitals to be major factors as well. OK average hockey fans, trust me, if you ever wanted to get into hockey, this is it. Saturday 1pm NBC