The Brett Favre Saga: Please Make It Stop…

August 06, 2008 |

I have been really bothered by the coverage of the Brett Favre saga with the Green Bay Packers for a while, but now it’s taken on a while new level.

The incessant media obsession over this story — especially on the part of ESPN — has become really, really annoying.

The sports media has treated this story like the O.J. Simpson case of the mid-1990’s. Everyone and anyone who knew the guy, covered him, played with him, or looks good in a suit has even given their opinion of this whole saga.

The same powers that built up “the-so-called-gunslinger” as a hero has now exposed him as a spoiled athlete, a diva and just another pompous athlete who’s image of a-good-ol-football player now has few chinks in it’s armor. I have no sympathy for an athlete who makes $12 million a year, and really just want this story to come to a conclusion and move on.

Whether it’s Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Chicago, just go somewhere.

Honestly, the wall to wall coverage of this whole thing on sports talk radio, websites, blogs, the sports channels — ESPN, ugh — it’s just becoming kind of well, disturbing.

And some of the fans I have seen who have fawned over this guy like he’s Elvis — do you think Brett cares? Maybe. However, he’s only looking out for one person — number one, or should we say number FOUR.

The man retired, un-retired, didn’t want to comeback, wants to comeback, wants the starting job, wants to settle with being a backup, competing for a job, blah, blah.

Please make it stop, please. Then again, it won’t — this story is good business for everyone, except maybe the one entity that may be hurt the most PR wise — The Green Bay Packers.

I feel sorry for Aaron Rodgers, I really do.