The Build Up for Wrestlemania Begins….

March 11, 2008 |

I’m not a fan of three way matches nor am I a fan of them ever at a Wrestlemania. One year ago the plan was to have HHH face John Cena for the WWE title. HHH missed the event as he recovered from a torn quad, the second of his career. The best matched ever have been a one on one contest with the build up between a true face and a true heel. The only true heel in this match is Randy Orton. HHH and John Cena are both tweener’s at this point so it starves the fuel for the fire needed from your audience to get the reaction during the match. With so much mixed emotions from the fans with regards to their loyalty for these 3 characters it is setting up to be a flat main event. I am somewhat curious as to how they will pull off the Cena/Orton Tag match vs. the Raw roster next week.

The main event is not the only match       that has issues. The HBK vs Ric Flair match has two faces in a career ending match for Flair. Again this would have been better served to have Flair face a true heel like the World Heavyweight Champion Edge at Wrestlemania. Both would have something to gain and lose and that makes for natural interest in the match. 

Floyd “Money” Mayweather and The Big Show is another match with problems. The Big Show long toss last night of Mayweather was a nice spot for both but how will they get Mayweather a positive bump going in against the physically more dominant Big Show will be interesting. 

I feel bad for Jeff Hardy, Kennedy, Shelton Benjamin and CM Punk. Hardy got a mini push but now seems to be headed in the wrong direction unless he wins the money in the bank. Two consecutive losses and dropping the belt to Y2J last night has me wondering if he indeed will reach main event status on a regular basis. Kennedy I felt had turned things around in his recent mini feud with HBK. That was a nice program for KK. Now he has no path headed into Wrestlemania. Shelton Benjamin has just been mis used for years now. He is one of the most gifted and athletic talents on the roster but he has never gotten the push needed. I’d like to see a move back to Raw to feud with Y2J. That would be a good program for both with maybe a Kennedy in that mix as well. CM Punk has a bright future ahead but he needs Raw/Smackdown exposure. He and Chavo wrestled one of the best matched I’ve seen in a long time at the Arena when they were in town in January. I hope Punk receives a push on Raw or Smackdown. The ECW show is lacking as a showcase to say the least.

I’m sure I’ll fork over the $50 bucks to watch Mania I haven’t missed one in years but I’m unhappy about how this is being booked right now and I think with just 20 days left it will be hard to make this more than an average Mania at best.