The “Cal Ripken” Of Maryland Schools …..

May 26, 2009 |

As everyone knows, is a “community based” website. Sometimes, there are stories and events that extend beyond the limits of sports, in a COMMUNITY …..

As we are wrapping up the month of May, the school year is coming to a close. Many kids are graduating, and some are just getting ready for summer vacation. Among many success stories, a young lady – and Maryland resident – is making national headlines.

Stephanie Zaner, a senior at Northwest High School, in Darnestown, Maryland, will complete the 12th grade, on Friday. To date, she has NEVER missed a day of school. That’s right, in 13 years (including kindergarten) she has never been absent from class.

If you’re a parent, I’d imagine you’re sharing my happiness in this story. Yep, aside from stories about spoiled pro athletes and exuberant salaries, this is a story that really “hits home” with many folks.

It’s so special to see children reach goals and achieve success. And, it’s even more amazing to see them excel and reach beyond the attainable. Not calling-in sick in 13 years? Congratulations, Stephanie !!!!

According to the Washington Post, a survey of local school systems revealed only one more student with such an incredible resume’. It’s quite heartening to see kids graduating and entering a new phase in their lives. God bless ‘em all …..

I hope Stephanie finds continued success and good health.