The case for Toronto

April 13, 2009 |

Recently the NFL has made it public that they wish to expand their product worldwide. They have held exhibition games in Mexico City and regular season games across the pond in London. Additionally, Buffalo is holding some of it’s regular season games in Toronto. Before I go off on this rant, let me say this: I have family in Buffalo who will probably hate me for this, but I have to go with my guy.
I am strongly of the opinion that the Bills should go ahead and just pack it up and move to Toronto. Buffalo is dying, blue-collar, working-class town that is having most of it’s jobs exported not unlike Detroit. The difference is that Buffalo does not have to population that Detroit does. On the other hand, Toronto is the vibrant commerce capital of Canada, nearly a third of the country’s population lives there, and to be honest it is probably the nicest city I have ever visited.

I have nothing against cities like Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Toledo, etc. it’s just that they are so damned depressing! I’m not here to write about politics and who is to blame for that, but going to these places is disheartening and the disposable income most be limited.

Baltimore is not too much different from these places, but we have a huge chunk of the health care industry to employ us with Johns Hopkins and our proximity to DC allows for lots of government jobs.

I honestly believe that Buffalo knows that it’s coming and that is why they signed T.O.; in order to keep themselves relevant for just another year.

I think that this would be a great topic for on-air discussion, maybe one of you guys can take it and run with it!

Comments welcome everyone!

love, peace, and chicken grease

-j dot