The Curse of the Dave

July 30, 2011 | Marty Mossa

We all know about the “curse” of the Babe.  When the Red Sox dealt Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $100,000 it was rumored that Babe Ruth put a curse on the Sox that lasted until 2004 when they finally won their first world series since 1918 some 86 years later.


Then there was the curse of the “Moose”.  When Mike (Moose) Mussina joined the Yankees in 2001, the Bronx Bombers had won three consecutive World Series.  They then proceeded to lose to Arizona in 2001 and Florida in 2003.  When Mussina retired in 2008, the Yankees proceeded to win the Title after the 2009 season.

Davey Johnson managed the Baltimore Orioles during the 1996 and 1997 seasons.  The Birds’ record was 186-138 (.574 )under his leadership.  They made the playoffs as a wildcard team in 1996, and won the Eastern Division in 1997.  Both years they advanced to the American League Championship Series where they lost to New York and Cleveland respectfully.  But Johnson was forced out by Peter Angelos at the conclusion of the 1997 season.  Since Johnson’s departure, the Orioles have had thirteen straight losing seasons with a combined record of 921-1183 (.437).

As July whirls to a close with two months left in the Major League Baseball regular season; one thing is for certain, the Orioles will mark their 14th consecutive losing season.  Since the All Star Break the Orioles have gone a respectable (that is for the Orioles) 6-10.

The Orioles’ record is now 42-62.  With fifty eight games left in the regular season, the birds are playing .403 ball.  In order for them to reach 81 wins and their first non losing season since 1997, the Birds would have to go 39-19.  That is .672 ball.  A team playing .672 ball over the course of 162 games would win 110 games. 

The Orioles have the worst record in the American League, and the second worst (only to Houston) in all of baseball.  How many more losing seasons must the Baltimore faithful endure?  How long will the “curse” of the Dave continue?  Time will only tell.