The Cycle of Life Through the Eyes of a Sports Fan

December 18, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     To the average person, the “cycle” of life begins in the dead of winter. The dead of winter slowly transforms into the renewal of life called spring. Then come summers, and then fall. The cycle continues every year. For us sports nuts or “whack” job as my wife calls me, the cycle of life revolves around the sports calendar.
     My sports calendar begins the day after the super bowl. To me the “dead” of winter begins.   Although spring training begins shortly thereafter, there is a sports lull. The Daytona 500, and March Madness (if MD is in it) helps get me through my my sports withdraw. I am usually invited to see a Capitals game from the Toyota Box at the Verizon Center. Then I usually take my sons a hockey game in Reading.
     To me spring officially begins when baseball season begins. And thus the renewal of life is in full spring.
I get my “fix” for my sports “addiction” when the Stanley Cup Finals begin. Of course the NFL Draft is always penciled in on my calendar. Lord Stanley gives me two glorious months of exciting hockey. Memorial Day weekend is when I have my annual cookout. My friends and I sit on my deck and watch whatever playoff game is on that night. On Memorial Day Sunday, I root on Danica Patrick to win the Indy 500.
     After Lord Stanley is presented to the NHL Champion, the summer has begun. During the summer, I don’t need sports as much. I love the outdoors, good weather gets me through. Although I don’t follow MLB, I love to take the family to York, PA to see the York Revolution play.
      Like many other Marylanders, I start counting down the days to training camp. This usually takes place right after the 4th of July. Once camp starts, I start counting down the days to the preseason games. And then the regular season begins.  Then comes the playoffs, and then the Superbowl. And thus the cycle of life starts once again.

     It’s the same every year.  I’ll say” wow, can’t believe its football season again.  Wow can’t believe it’s hockey season again.  Wow baseball season has started already.”  Where has the time gone?  My parents told me at a young age that the older you get the faster time goes.  It is so true.  Time flies by.  A month ago I was six years old.  Two week ago I was 18 years old.  Last week I was 25.  Today I woke up and realized that I am only five month short of my fiftieth birthday.  Where has time gone?  Two weeks ago Brooks Robinson was the MVP of the 1970 World Series.  Last week the Orioles beat the Phillies in 5.  And yesterday the Ravens won their first Superbowl.  But it wasn’t two weeks ago, or last week, or yesterday.  The 1970 World series was 39 years ago.  The 1983 Series was 26 years ago.  And believe it or not, it’s been nine years since the Ravens beat the Giants in Superbowl 35.  Where has the time gone? 


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