The Day After the Meltdown: Maryland Basketball

March 04, 2008 |

I’m reading these blogs on this website and nobody is giving any details as to what happened in the game last night. Let’s see some facts.  Wanna know how to lose a game after being up by 20 with 11 minutes to go?  Well here’s how you do it:

Team        summary:   FG 3FG FT
  1st Half:    16-30  1-5  4-9 
  53.3%  20.0%  44.4% 
  2nd Half:    12-32  1-10  8-12 
  37.5%  10.0%  66.7%

Check out the stats in the 2nd half that MD put up. How about 1-10 from 3-point range? How about missing 9 of 21 free throws from the charity stripe for the game?

After being up by 20- Maryland hit two of their next 11 shots- including missing on FIVE 3-point shots and turning the ball over 4 times. Maybe they should have Kristy Tolliver bring the ball up the court (Lady Terp Point Guard).

Hey Coach Booth- you’re the defensive specialist– where were you last night? Anyone seen Osby? Where was he last night? He had more fouls (4) than rebounds (3). It says he played 17 minutes. That equals about 1 foul every 4 minutes. Coach Williams- sign me up. I can do that…

Let’s give Clemson credit….that kid Oglesby from Clemson was shooting from the parking lot- and hitting nothing but net. He was 4-10 from 3-point range– but he hit them when they counted. He’s a FRESHMAN– and has ice in his veins.

Note to team: Please stop having James Gist shoot 3-pointers. He could have built a house with the amount of bricks he threw up last night– along with Vasquez. Where’s Steve Blake when we need him?

I sat next to former Terp Derrick Lewis last night behind the Terps bench. He made a good observation- the coaches got too complacent. They were coaching for 30 of the 40 minutes. They panicked for the last 10. Hopefully they will coach for 40 minutes vs Virginia.