The Dirty 103 ???

August 05, 2009 |

Every few months, a new name surfaces in connection to the “2003 Major League Baseball – Administrative Drug Test.” You know, it’s the test players took, with an understanding they wouldn’t be compromised or punished.

In March, Sports Illustrated’s Selena Roberts outed Alex Rodriguez as one of the 103 players, who tested positive, during the 2003 program. After much wrangling and straight-faced denials, A’Rod finally came clean.

A few months followed, but another foot finally dropped. And, to nobody’s surprise, the name revealed was Slammin’ Sammy Sosa. According to the New York Times, Sammy also tested positive, in 2003. There has been no word from Sosa, but we all know he forgets his mastery of the English language, on occasion.

The latest disclosure, last week, also by the New York Times, cites David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez as players who also failed the 2003 sampling. Neither player has wholeheartedly denied the legitimacy of the report. Hey, if you’re not denying such an accusation …..

Still, we’re all waiting around for the next name to drop, right?

In fact, pressure is mounting from within Major League Baseball, to publicly disseminate the findings and names associated with 2003 testing procedure. Personalities, like Ozzie Guillen and Lou Piniella would like to see it. However, I would assume this will be a pretty difficult task to accomplish.

There was no established disciplinary process for using Performance Enhancing Drugs, in 2003. The players consented to the testing procedure with an understanding the findings would remain confidential and with freedom from future sanctions.

The affected players still have an expectation to their negotiated privacy, regardless of the “splash” each big disclosure creates. And, while the mystery of the list has undermined the legitimacy of the sport, the deal must be honored.

Perhaps, the players on the list will collectively decide to go public. That would make it an afterthought, in the span of a week. But, I’d imagine it’s really up to them. Anything less than full disclosure will probably yield the same tidbits of outing we’ve experienced, since the A’Rod debacle.

The website,, has released its “Rumored 2003 List.” It’s unconfirmed, but the site stands by its relevance. It should be added that is a legitimate web news source, and its postings are not reflective of propaganda or tabloid material.

If the list is accurate, some Orioles fans might be surprised at the naming of a former All Star, who’s feeling “disrespected.” The legitimacy of the list would also disappoint the likes of Drew Forrester (hmmm ….. who could we be talking about?), Franchise (yep, we know which team is MOST REPRESENTED), and wives – Mia Hamm and Anna Benson.

Ahh well, if you’re curious, here’s the list …..