The dog days of Friday Mud are over…this one has some bite to it

January 07, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Friday Mud is just like the NFL season.

Those regular season editions of Friday Mud are great, but come playoff time, the level of quality goes up in a big way.

This, then, is the first PLAYOFF edition of Friday Mud.

Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

And just like the NFL post-season, you never know what you’re gonna get.


>The Orioles are busy refurbishing the stadium and the locker rooms at OPACY. With the cultural diversity in major league baseball these days, some teams are forced to print signs in English, Spanish and French in an effort to keep the players up-to-date on the various MLB-mandated clubhouse rules. This can get expensive. In other words, having to print a sign that says “Players are reminded that they can’t smoke cigarettes in view of fans or TV cameras” in English, Spanish and French can take up a lot of space and affect the team’s budget. With that in mind, the Orioles have decided to make it easy on their players this year and save both time, space and money.  When you walk into the clubhouse at OPACY this season, you’ll see THIS SIGN.

> Lots of people have made fun of Matt Leinart.  Former Heisman Trophy winner with Hollywood good-looks…but failed miserably as a pro quarterback and is now laboring on the bench in Houston behind Matt Schaub.  Are you one of the people who have taken time to poke fun at Leinart while you’ve been at someone’s house watching a game on TV?  Maybe you’ve been at a party somewhere and you’ve ridiculed Leinart for the way he couldn’t parlay that success at USC into a successful NFL career.  Perhaps at some point you’ve openly scoffed at what an imposter he is, unable to measure up to the standards and the high quality of the National Football League.  If you have ever laughed at Matt Leinart (and I have, admittedly), Matt has a message for you.  Dear People who have laughed at me: You can laugh all you want, but you’ve never had THIS happen to you and you probably never will. Sincerely, Matt Leinart.

> You gotta hand it to Jenn Sterger.  She ran with that “TV reporter thing” as long as she could until executives realized big boobs don’t actually talk.  Her failed litigation with Brett Favre left her no choice:  she HAD to get into a new field.  And Sterger figured it like this…”How can I take my talents, the thing I do best, and merge them with TV, which is where I can showcase my true abilities?”  And so Sterger came up with her new endeavor, SEEN RIGHT HERE.

> Speaking of quarterbacks who couldn’t quite handle the demands of the NFL, we had one of those here in Baltimore.  It’s quite a shock that he couldn’t actually be productive given all the “tools” he possessed.  Brian Billick took A LOT of grief for the way it all played out and that’s understandable.  After all, when you take a LOOK AT THIS PICTURE, how on earth did the kid not mature into an MVP quarterback while he was in Baltimore?

> There’s a very interesting battle going on these days between two of our local female sports media members.  It recently came to a head when one of them – from 105.7 – reported that Adam LaRoche was offered a 3-year deal by the Orioles.  That claim was rebuked by the writer for, as she tweeted that Buck Showalter said no such offer was made.  And the fireworks began.  Our WNST staff photographer happened to catch the two ladies in question out on the town last week in Fells Point.  As you can see RIGHT HERE things got a little wild.

> I had no idea the Pittsburgh Steelers have a long legacy of great singers in their organization.  In fact, over the holidays, the team released a CD of their best songs since the mid-1970’s.  Not sure where you can purchase it, but if you CHECK THIS OUT you’ll at least see the Steelers players in question.

> Give credit where credit is due.  Gary Williams has been forced to endure several close calls on Selection Sunday over the last few years.  Most times, it’s because he couldn’t get his basketball team at College Park to reach that elusive 20th regular season win that virtually locks up a bid to the NCAA tournament.  Tuesday night at the Comcast Center, the Terps thrashed Colgate, 95-40.  A couple of the Colgate players remarked it was the first time they’d ever been on the Maryland campus, so they vowed to take a stroll prior to game-time just to check the place out.  Our WNST staff photographer got a GREAT PHOTO of the captain and co-captain of Colgate’s team relaxing just outside of the Comcast Center.  Hey, 20 wins is 20 wins, no matter how you get ’em.

> Have you heard about the new craze in Philadelphia?  Female Flyers fans started brushing their teeth in between periods of hockey games at The Wachovia Center back on October 28 and since then, the team has won 11 straight home games.  No female wants to be the one to break the losing streak, so the superstition is now in full bloom as literally every female Flyers fan takes to the bathroom to brush her teeth in between periods.  Our WNST photographer recently headed up to Philly to take a photo of this new “in-thing” to do.  I said to the photographer, “Just take a picture of what best represents the women’s bathroom between periods of a Flyers game” and he came back with this PERFECT PHOTO right here.

> Song #5 on the CD I’d make if I could only listen to one more CD for the rest of my life is THIS SONG HERE.  Please note the language in the song and the comments on the page could be offensive.  I have a lot of respect for Eminem.  He’s “been there, done that and got the t-shirt”.  When he puts his life on paper and then raps about it, you take a journey with him that’s unlike just about anyone else in his industry.

> So this radio business we’re in is very competitive and as most of you know, we – at WNST – are highly competitive when it comes to producing the very best radio and internet product for our faithful listeners.  One of our biggest rivals is 105.7 The Fan, the corporate “voice” of sports radio in Baltimore.  The recent ratings came out and someone from Arbitron leaked to us a very interesting story…evidently everyone on base at Fort Meade MUST listen to 105.7.  It’s some sort of Army rule, supposedly, and we at WNST couldn’t believe it, so we dispatched the station photographer down to Anne Arundel County to sneak on the base at Fort Meade and get some pictures.  Later that day, the photographer came running into the WNST studio and said, “You won’t believe it…Arbitron was right.  EVERYONE at Fort Meade listens to 105.7.  In fact, I snuck in a room and TOOK A PICTURE of an entire group of people listening to the station around 1pm today.”

> We’ve heard countless stories about how cheap the Orioles are, but now it’s been confirmed.  We have, on record, the exact amount Andy MacPhail offered Adam LaRoche.  Not only do we know the exact amount, we have THIS PHOTO of MacPhail actually handing over the offer to LaRoche at the winter meetings in Orlando.  No wonder LaRoche passed on Baltimore.

> If you’re heading to Kansas City this weekend, you absolutely MUST visit the Negro League Baseball Museum.  No fancy pictures here or anything like that.  I’m telling you, a visit to that place will change the way you think about the history of baseball.  I went back in 2006 and at some point this weekend when I’m in KC, I’ll be heading back for a return visit.  Do NOT pass up the chance to go…even if you only have an hour or two of “down time” on Saturday.  The whole tour can be done comfortably in about 60-75 minutes, but if you love baseball, it’s a journey into the game’s past that you’ll never forget.