The drama ‘1 Winning Drive’ continues

January 17, 2008 |

So the Ravens have told we “media stakeouters” that we can go home. There will be nothing happening here today.

I think the Ravens want to reconvene and think this coaching search over.

Although John Harbaugh looked like he was the leading candidate, now he may end up being just another candidate. I think you will hear “Marty Ball” starting to get talked about a lot. I think he is the only guy they can pull out of their hat now to try to save face.

This has been a very weird and intriguing coaching search. I am not sure that the Ravens thought they would be 17 days into the post-Brian Billick era and still searching for a head coach.
Stay tuned, as the drama that is “1 Winning Drive” continues.
If I have to pick a horse in the race, I think it is Marty who will be coming here.