The End of the Celtics and Meredith Grey

May 24, 2008 |

I was on Bob’s show today, and apparently he and Mark Suchy have lost their proverbial minds. They both said that the Celtics would win game three. Before being rude and calling them names, I should have asked “game three of what?” Maybe the Celtics have an in-flight bridge tournament. Maybe the play Yahtzee and fill up the entire card. But game three against the Pistons, in Detroit. Uh, no.
The Celtics were road kill against the Hawks and Cavs, and they are much lesser teams than Detroit. I haven’t given a mortal lock since I gave Arkansas to beat Indiana in the first round of the NCAA tournament, but here’s another one. The Celtics are done. They’re not going to win a game on the road to force a game seven. I would say it’s 50/50 they don’t win again at all.
Now, if I may venture off of the sports topic for a tad, is there any television character more annoying than Meredith Grey? Can they kill her off and still call it Grey’s Anatomy? I’ve got it! Make the show about Laci Grey. She’s hotter anyway. Seriously, Callie realized that she a lesbian in about 20 seconds, but it’s taken four seasons for Miss Whine A Lot to realize that she was in love. McBrainsurgeon should have stuck with the nurse.
For all of the guys who send their wives/girlfriends into the other room to watch, you’re really missing out. Of the twelve main characters, about nine of them are great. The only problem is the worst character is the lead character. As the season ended, they’ve implied that her visits to a shrink have shown Meredith the light. I think the only doctor that she needs to see is Kevorkian.