The Final Hour Of Our Marathon Is For “YOU”

July 03, 2009 |

I hope everyone is enjoying the July 4th weekend. It’s certainly a time for families to come together and enjoy steamed crabs, cold beer, baseball and some fireworks. Oh, and we have a NASCAR race, under the lights at Daytona, tomorrow evening.

Holidays also offer families an opportunity to reflect on special occasions and loved ones that are no longer with us. I’m certain everyone has such memories – it’s a big part of our July 4th celebrations.

So, with the significance of the July 4th weekend, I’m taking this opportunity to announce a special addition to our 24-Hour Marathon, “Curing Cancer ….. One Call At A Time,” which takes place next weekend.

While the entire 24 hours will be broken up into differing segments, bordering on tender, hilarious, insightful, serious, lighthearted and even contentious, at times ….. we have decided to make the final hour about FAMILY.

So, as we complete our 23rd hour, and embark on 11am, Sunday morning, we will changeup the format for the final 60 minutes. We’ll keep talking sports and soliciting donations, but, we’re also gonna ensure everyone with a connection to the event or cancer can reveal what’s in their heart.

Each hour of the marathon has been sponsored by business and philanthropic interests. However, we’ll make some adjustments to ensure the final hour goes UNSPONSORED. It’s the right thing to do.

Instead of providing business endorsements and live advertising, we’ll devote the same portions of the final hour to a “role call” of the loved ones who’ve battled cancer and are no longer with us. We want to ensure everyone is mentioned.

If you’ve lost someone you love to this disease, we want to remember them. They are not gone and they live in our hearts, FOREVER.

Please, if you’ve lost someone and you want us to say their name during the final hour, just email me at

We’ll mention anyone and everyone – and this invitation is open to the WORLD, regardless of where you live. Thanks very much – Happy 4th of July !!!!!