The Force is with you (and mighty annoying to those around you)

May 17, 2008 |

It’s been fun to see some energy injected into Camden Yards the past few weeks. But with new found energy comes responsibility — and I’m talking to the folks who cheer on their favorite Orioles in a most annoying way.

Specifically, the Luke Scott fan who sits in front of the press box. Now I’ve always been of the belief that you pays your money and you speaks your piece. What sense would it be for a journalist to argue against freedom of speech or expression.

But this week, during the invation of the Red Sox Nation, in the midst of all things Manny, Scott Fan started bellowing — and never stopped. He’s channelling a “Star Wars” theme and it starting to get to me (and others).

“Luke (only it’s more like Loooooooooooooooooke!), I am your father.”

“Luke, the pitcher was the master and you were the Jedi.  Now you are the master and he is the Jedi. You are the master, Luke.”

And so on. Every time Scott hits. Thankfully, it’s only when he’s at the plate. Of course, for all I know Scott Fan may be high-tailing it to the left-field bleachers when Luke is on defense.

Cheer all you want, but get some new material. You get points for pop culture references nicely integrated with current sports. And your passion is impressive. But unless the “Star Wars” chant is beer-fueled boisterousness, well, it’s starting to get on everyone’s nerves. It’s a wonder the Camden Yards gestapo hasn’t already given you a warning, pal. Of course, it you’re bellowing in your seat, you’re not standing up, so that’s probably OK with them.

Just try to vary the chants and cheers, OK? Look, when I used to sit in Section 34 with Wild Bill, we weren’t exactly penning masterpieces. “C’mon Ken, hit it in the bullpen.” “Hey, Roenicke, hit it down to Overlea.” Simple, functional, traditional. But that’s just  my opinion — that chants and cheers should be a few words at most, not long-winded diatribes that last a pitch or two.