The Friday Mailbag is ready to be opened

April 30, 2010 | Drew Forrester

The end of the week gives me a chance to sift through the accumulation of e-mails I receive and hand-select a few that are worthy of discussion at the water cooler.

Here are a few that made the cut.

Steve in Glyndon writes


I heard you mention on the air last week you thought Rick Dempsey might be a good choice as the new Orioles manager should they decide fire Dave Trembley.  How can you say that?  Dempsey’s never been a manager in the big leagues and he’s not even a manager or coach in the O’s minor league system.  I love your show, but think you’re way off base on this one.


Actually, what I said is this:  “If the O’s aren’t able to attract a veteran manager like a Bobby Valentine or  a Buck Showalter, one of the logical choices might be Rick Dempsey.”  Personally, I’d find a veteran manager to come in and take the gig.  But if none were interested, I wouldn’t rule out offering the job to Dempsey and here’s why.  At this stage in the O’s rebuilding process, it’s obvious (to me, anyway) that you’re going to have to find someone to run the team who is willing to put up with losing and yet work hard enough to eventually help bring winning around.  And to do that, I think you need to find someone who has an enormous amount of pride in the organization…someone who will take the rebuilding personally.  And Demspsey, whether you like him or not, LOVES the Orioles organization with every fiber in his body.  How would he do as a manager?  I have no idea.  But I know he’s seen the team on an in-depth basis over the last few years due to his MASN TV work, so he’s familar with what guys can and can’t do.  He wouldn’t need a period of “getting to know you” like Showalter or Valentine would.  And I think Rick would take great pride in being the manager of the franchise.  Three years ago, I wouldn’t have ever recommended him for the job.  And I’m not so sure I’m even recommending him now…rather, I’m just saying, “Dempsey is worth considering.”

Thanks for the note.

Next up, it’s Bill from Towson


I played Caves Valley for the first time last Friday and was amazed at how good it was.  Just wondering if you like it and what your favorite holes are and what you think the toughest holes are.  And what’s your best score out there? (assuming you’ve played it).  Thanks!  I’m playing Pine Valley in June, by the way.


Pine Valley?  I’m very jealous.  I’ve played Caves about 20 times.  I think it’s an outstanding facility with a terrific staff.  The golf course, naturally, is always in great shape.  That’s why it’s Caves Valley.  My favorite hole is probably #14.  Not sure why.  I just like the way you have a choice of clubs off the tee and then you have to hit a shot into the green, which sits above you.  It’s not a hard hole by any means.  I just like it, for some reason.  I also like #2.  Well, I like most of them, actually.  Toughest holes would be #9 and #11.  I think #9 is the “best” hole on the course in terms of both cosmetic appeal and difficulty.  My best score there, I think, is 73.  Maybe 74.  I was +2 or +3 in a tournament about 7 or 8 years ago. Anything under 80 there is outstanding!

Chris Hammerlin chimes in


Why no NBA coverage from you?  The playoffs are going on, you know.


I’m just not an NBA guy.  If the Wizards were any good and were a contender of sorts, I’d probably be a bit more engaged.  I’m just not interested. No sense in me trying to fake it.  It just doesn’t appeal to me.  NASCAR doesn’t appeal to me and I don’t talk about that, either.  You’re better off getting your information on those things from people who know what they’re talking about.  I don’t.


Scott from Fallston writes


If you ran the Orioles and they allowed you to make one on-field move right now, what would it be?


That’s tough, because to answer that we’d have to assume the other team would be willing to trade.  But the answer is this:  I’d figure out a way to get Gonzalez from San Diego.  If it costs me Tillman and Reimold and something else, than that’s what it costs.  Hey, Adam Jones is from San Diego…maybe the Padres would bit on him.  He IS an All-Star, you know.  But they need a big bat.  And a big left handed bat would really help.  I’d get Gonzalez by hook or by crook.

Keith writes

Do you think Tiger can win in Charlotte NC this week?


No, it’s not happening this week.  He’ll win something soon, but I don’t think he’s ready to win yet.  His swing was awfully erratic at Augusta.  It’s clear he still needs a lot of work.  I still contend he’ll win at least one major this year.

Dan in Fallston says

Haven’t heard you make your opinion known on the whole Dez Bryant-Jeff Ireland controversy.  Thoughts?


Ireland was completely out of line.  A question like that has absolutely zero relevance to the kid’s ability to play football.  If the kid pees dirty at the combine or lies to the NCAA (which he did…lying, that is) you certainly have the right to question HIS character.  But bringing up his mother serves no purpose in figuring out something about Dez Bryant, the football player.  I’m a little surprised Ireland wasn’t fired.

Tim in Timonium says

I have to give you credit, you tried to tell everyone that the Caps were going to have a hard time with Montreal and no one believed you.  Now that you’ve seen the first round play out, who’s in the Final and who wins?


I think San Jose survived their mini-scare with Colorado and I’ll take them to play Pittsburgh in the Final.  And I’m pleased to report that the Penguins will lose in 6 games.